Elite Wrestling Carnage "Solitary". Saturday Night Show, brought to life by the vision of EWC owner Eric Young. Based in Nashville, TN EWC was created by Eric Young, with two shows from the onset of this Independent status. Solitary was the first event held under this brand, under the co- management of Eric Young and Kayura Maxwell, Better known to the world as World Maniac Wrestling's Revenge.

Solitary Opened it's doors for the first time, January 19, 2008 to a craowd of merely fifty people. Though a small crowd, The fans walked away with enough reason to bring other's to see the show.

At the opening, Eric young held a Press conference in the ring, declaring Kayura to be over him in the management of the show.

A female elimination Fatal Fourway took place with many of the EWC female roster. This match was won by Gail Kim, after a controversial pinfall over Caydee Brent. also involved was Contessa Maxwell and Lita, who were eliminated in that very order.

Revenge's Plans took over from this point to include a seris of interpromotional matches. As well as an unscheduled appearance by one of the ladies not involved in the Fatal Fourway, Angel PArks, who made a challenge to any male in the locker room. This challenge was accepted by Former Ultimate Chaos Wrestling Tag Team Champion, Alex Corvis.

The EWC Main Event, Trish Stratus Vs Mike 'Cage' Maxwell ended in Cage's favour, but probably came to biggest reason for the crowd at all.

February 2nd 2008

Solitary came back after some changes behind the scenes

the Extreme Championship Wrestling Champion.

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