Xion, The Holy Land of Elite Wrestling Carnage. Xion began January 21, 2008, under the short lived Guidance of Eric Bischoff, Bischoff set up the Show card, but was a no show to his own event, before the next event he had sold his share and the rights of Xion to Eric Young, his business partner.

The first show went well though, not in the minds of Crow Crisis though, whose 3 members in action each lost.

The Following Xion pulled in better though, with a nice Crowd and a killer opening match with a lot of flare, as Alex Corvis and the legendary Grim Reaper took on Abyss and his little Sister Angel. Alex watched Joyfully as Grim Reaper was executed by their opponents, then took it upon himself to attack his partner from behind while Reaper was attempting to injure the beautiful Vampress. The rest of the event wasn't taken as well until Eric Young made his appearance to explain the future of Xion due to the lack of Mr. Bischoff in the Company, To the surprise of everyone Father James Mitchell made his way to the ring, being announced as the new Executive Head.

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