EWF Capital Combat (2008)
EWF Capital Combat 2008 Poster
Promotion European Wrestling Federation
Brand(s) Revolution
Date August 24, 2008
Venue Aloha Stadium
City Honolulu, Hawaii
Pay-per-view chronology
Exotic Sunset (2008) EWF Capital Combat (2008) Sadistic Suffering (2008)
EWF Capital Combat (2008) chronology
None EWF Capital Combat (2008) TBA

EWF Capital Combat (2008) will be the first annual Capital Combat professional wrestling e-federation pay-per-view event produced by European Wrestling Federation (EWF). The Pay-per-view was originally created and used as an October event with Pro-Wrestling Federation and has been implemented as one of EWF's annual Pay-per-views in August. It will fictionally take place on August 24, 2008 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii and will feature talent from the Revolution and Mayhem brands. The tagline for the Pay-per-view is undecided. The theme song for the Pay-per-view is undecided.



The main feud heading into Capital Combat on the Revolution brand is between Andrew Watts and Joey Harris, with the two feuding over the EWF World Heavyweight Championship. At Exotic Sunset, Watts was savagely brutalized by an anonymous assailant disabling him from competing in an EWF World Heavyweight Title match. On July 21 edition of Revolution, Watts was determined to unfold the mystery of his attacker by coming out at the beginning of the show and stating his attacker would have hell to pay after their revelation. Later that night, Watts would storm out after Harris with a baseball bat following his match with Maverick Elite before accusing Harris of the perpetration which after denying and secret footage was aired, Harris was revealed and conceded to be the attacker leading to a match at Capital Combat hypothetically made at Watts' demand after his assault on Harris with the bat.

The main feud heading into Capital Combat on the Mayhem brand is between Mark Mason and Ryan Wisler, with the two feuding over the EWF Legacy Championship.

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