EWF European Championship
Current champion Eva Michaels
Date won June 19, 2008
Promotion European Wrestling Federation
Brand Mayhem
Date created August 20, 2008
First champion Jared Evans
Most reigns Jared Evans
Sebastain Morton
Axl Lionsworth
Eva Michaels (tied at 1)
Most defenses N/A
Longest reign Sebastain Morton (57 days)
Shortest reign Riflewilly (7 days)

The EWF European Championship is a professional wrestling e-federation championship title that represents and is competed for in European Wrestling Federation. Despite its name, the belt is still contested between non-Europeans and is also exclusive to the Mayhem brand.


Current champion

The current champion is Eva Michaels, who is in his first reign. She won the title after she defeated Axl Lionsworth on Mayhem on June 19, 2008.

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