EWF International Championship
EWF International Championship
Current champion Vacant
Date won July 28, 2008
Promotion European Wrestling Federation
Brand Revolution
Date created May 14, 2007
First champion Zack Riley
Most reigns Zack Riley
Mr. Showtime
Liam Alexander
Best in the Business
Adam Stone (tied at 1)
Most defenses Mr. Showtime
Longest reign Mr. Showtime (62 days)
Shortest reign Zack Riley (12 days)

The EWF International Championship was a second tier professional wrestling e-federation championship title and was exclusive on the Revolution brand in European Wrestling Federation. It ranked below the World Heavyweight Championship


The European Wrestling Federation returned since 2004 to restart fresh and new including new championships in which The International Championship was one of them. The EWF International Championship is considered a Revolution-exclsuive second-rate world championship in the EWF and holds more credibility than any other of an average mid-card belt.

As the title was held in that prospective, it debuted and was first contested in a Ladder match on the May 28, 2007 edition of Revolution between Zack Riley and Ray Damian. Subsequent following an International Title Tournament that saw Damian defeat Darryl Noke and Riley defeat Ryot, Damian and Riley would combatively compete and at the end of the night, Riley would become the inaugural EWF International Champion before it was cut short to an unfortunate promotion closure.

When EWF returned, Mr. Showtime collected the championship in his possession and went on to hold the record of holding the belt longer in the space of EWF's rocky existence. Following the company resurrection recently in May, Best in the Business would be the inaugural champion of 2008.

Current champion

The championship was stripped from Adam Stone on July 28, 2008 on Revolution befre he was fired.

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