European Wrestling Federation
Current champion Ryan Wisler
Date won July 13, 2008
Promotion European Wrestling Federation
Brand Mayhem
Date created August 20, 2007
First champion Andrew Watts
Most reigns Andrew Watts
Mike Howard
Ryan Mackenzie
Ryan Wisler (tied at 1)
Most defenses None
Longest reign Ryan Mackenzie (32 days)
Shortest reign Mike Howard (11 days)

The EWF Legacy Championship is a professional wrestling e-federation world championship in European Wrestling Federation. It is the second highest ranked coveted championship exclusive on the Mayhem brand.


The EWF Legacy Championship was designed on August 20, 2007 for exclusivity on the Mayhem brand. To crown the first ever champion, a championship tournament was decided to take place leading up to the September 20 edition of Mayhem where the tournament finalists, Andrew Watts and Mike Howard fought in a Steel Cage match to determine who would become the champion. Following what both men gave their everything for the coveted title, Andrew Watts became the first ever EWF Legacy Champion in EWF history. Champions such as Mike Howard and Ryan Mackenzie also followed after Andrew Watts' title reign before the third folding of the EWF.

At Kings of Hell, the return Pay-per-view since the folding of EWF after contenders, Eddie Monroe and Ryan Wisler earned their spots from winning singles matches on Mayhem for the right to compete for the belt, a Three Stages of Hell match was the only thing left that came between themselves and the EWF Legacy Championship. As it appeared Ryan Wisler had won the match by winning two consecutive falls that were a No Holds Barred and Tables match, Mayhem GM Darren Williams overturned the decision to give the fall of the Tables match to Ryan Wisler given that he drove Eddie Monroe through the broadcast table and not a regular one as that stood as the rule. And in the end of the night when it remained to seem as if Ryan Wisler had the win, Monroe came out as the EWF Legacy Champion.

Current champion

The current champion is Ryan Wisler, who is in his first reign. He won the title after he defeated Eddie Monroe in a Hell in a match at Exotic Sunset on July 13, 2008.

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