EWF Radio
Program EWF Radio
Product of European Wrestling Federation
Broadcast source
Branding THE EWF Radio Show!
First air date May 27, 2008
Host Mikey Sparks
Website Official EWF Radio Show Podcast site

EWF Radio is an out-of-character, podcast-produced, wrestling audio session hosted by Mikey Sparks (handler) implemented for contributing thoughts, opinions, and complete coverage on the Revolution and Mayhem brands as well as all occurrences within the professional wrestling e-federation promotion, European Wrestling Federation.

The concept of e-federation audio pod-casting was revolutionized and still utilized by (handler of) former EWF Revolution General Manager and now Elite Wrestling Champions (EWC) Co-owner, Alexander Stryfe to provide his in and out of character thoughts and rundowns on usually and formerly his Revolution brand. But since EWF folded (and returned) he has been interviewing the players of the characters as well as covering the events, all taking place in EWC.

Spin-offs of Alexander Stryfe’s original series, Stryfe Uncensored include Sebastain’s Views and Mikey Sparks new podcast audio session, EWF Radio. The audio session had been moved to before being brought back to


EWF Radio debuted on May 27, 2008 on after Mikey Sparks (handler) announced over the EWF forum that he was premiering his podcast-produced wrestling audio session. Since, there has been a total of five episodes.

EWF Radio Episodes

EWF Radio: Episode 1

The first edition of EWF Radio excitingly introduced its listeners of the audio session as Mikey Sparks (the handler) explained his experience and passion in the world of e-fedding and his reasons for opening the e-federation known as European Wrestling Federation. He proceeded to provide interpretation on the circuling question on the mind of many of the EWF roster who required the enlightenment of the reason for EWF not occurring in Europe for which he claimed the EWF had no issues with expanding. He expressed his appreciation of the participation in EWF ranging from the staff to the members and informed on his upcoming discussions in future sessions. Following that, he gave his Revolution Recap and previews on the next Revolution and Mayhem shows.

EWF Radio: Episode 2

EWF Radio: Episode 3 - Kings of Hell Edition

Excitement was in the air, Mikey Sparks was thrilled, Kings of Hell had only lurked around the corner. He provided a detailed description of the possibilities of unfortunate events that were going to occur to the wrestlers who would have to fight to their last extremity for victory on a night where EWF descends to an absolutely brutal world. Sparks proceeded to run down the card, acknowledge the rising stars and also that the EWF had gone big with its partnership with The Experts.

EWF Radio: Episode 4

EWF Radio: Episode 5 - Roundtable Discussion # 1


1. Mark Mason (handler): During Episode 5 of EWF Radio entitled Roundtable Discussion # 1, Mark Mason (handler) appeared as the first guest to ever be heard on the show. His calm, deep voice made for an average session as he shared his opinions on the matters and occurrences striking within EWF.

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