The Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF) Championship was the primary championship in the Empire Wrestling Federation and was later a secondary championship in United Wrestling Fusion.


Xtreme Chaos Wrestling

In February 2002, XCW opened its doors and at its first Pay-Per-View, Mind Games, Dark Dragon defeated Machine in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.

EWF closed its doors in October 2002, however the championship would survive when the federation merged with Xtreme Chaos Wrestling to become United Wrestling Fusion.

United Wrestling Fusion

As UWF had its own World Title, the EWF World Title became known simply as the EWF Title and was vacated. At Cold Fusion Bane defeated Alan Fernandez to win the vacant title.

Title history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Dark Dragon 1 February 17, 2002 Mind Games Defeated Machine in a Tournament Final
Fear 1 March 17, 2002 Imperial Showdown Won a Triple Threat Match also involving Mr. Freeze
Downfall 1 May 19, 2002 True Colors
Iceman 1 July 15, 2002 Warzone Iceman was a member of LWF, which EWF had invaded
Undertow 1 July 21, 2002 Revolution
Iceman 2 August 1, 2002 Deathtrap
GOD 1 August 25, 2002 High Voltage Declared the champion after Iceman forfeited the title
Hell Razor 1 September 23, 2002 Demonzone
Bane 1 October 8, 2002 Demonzone
Vacant Title vacated when EWF merged with XCW to form UWF
Bane 2 December 15, 2002 Cold Fusion Defeated Alan Fernandez
Ruff Ryder 1 January 19, 2003 Ultimate Resolution This was a Last Man Standing Match
Bane 3 March 6, 2003 Avarice
Pink Fairy 1 March 30, 2003 Global Disaster
Vacant May 23, 2003 Declared vacant by Commissioner Bane
John Hard 1 June 15, 2003 World War III Declared the new champion
Dirtay Hollywood 1 June 20, 2003 Avarice
John Hard 2 July 5, 2003 Death Row This was a Hollywood Stuntman Match
Red Fusion 1 July 18, 2003 Avarice
Unified July 18, 2003 Avarice Title unified with XCW Title and became UWF Global Championship

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