EWF World Heavyweight Championship
Promotion European Wrestling Federation
Date established May 14, 2007
Date retired August 14, 2008
First champion John Reeper
Last champion Joey Harris
Most reigns John Reeper
Adam Linn
Joey Harris (tied at 1)
Most defenses John Reeper (0 defenses)
Longest reign Joey Harris (32 days)
Shortest reign John Reeper (15 days)

The EWF World Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling e-federation world championship in European Wrestling Federation. It was the highest ranked coveted championship and exclusive to the Revolution brand.


The EWF World Heavyweight Championship was created in May 2007. It was earned contention for on the single brand then, Revolution as at that time, EWF hadn't expanded into the two weekly aired programs known as Revolution and Mayhem. Originally, the championship was planned in EWF's first return in May 2007 to be contested in a match between Alex Liddel, who was required by former EWF Owner and President, Mikey Sparks as a test of character to prevail in all his matches leading straight into the Kings of Hell 2007 pay-per-view against likely but was never confirmed, Ryot. Liddel made his dominance be known and quickly swifted past wrestlers in his blocked passage way to the road of EWF gold. Following the first three weeks in which EWF had opened for business and was building up to the Kings of Hell 2007 Pay-per-view, the Pay-per-view was cancelled as EWF folded.

In August 2007 once European Wrestling Federation had already produced a national announcement that they were returning to the television screen and made the belt exclusive to Revolution. On September 16, 2007 at the EWF Wanted:Dead or Alive Pay-per-view, John Reeper squared off head-on with then-X-Division Champion, Nick Shaw in what was that many claim to this day, the most stunningly shocking and brutally stunty hardcore matches inside a Hell in a Cell for a major championship as Nick Shaw and John Reeper battled as if it was their last battle. But at the end of the night, however, John Reeper became the first ever EWF World Heavyweight Champion.

In December of 2007 after the EWF folded for another time, then-champion, Adam Linn brought the championship over to Elite Wrestling Champions and flaunted it around in his appearances in and outside the ring and even competed with losing it to Bryan Deas. The title was soon regained by the EWF in its reopening, continuing to make it exclusive on the Revolution brand until its final closure.

Championship reigns

The first EWF World Champion was established on September 16, 2007 when John Reeper defeated Nick Shaw at EWF Wanted: Dead or Alive to become the inaugural champion, the shortest reign which was held for a total of 15 days. The longest reign belongs to Joey Harris, who remained champion for 32 days until the promotion folded. Overall, the most reigns were co-held by John Reeper, Ryot, Adam Linn, and Joey Harris.

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