The EWT Girl Next Door Championship is the official woman's championship of the Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation. The current champion is D'Zee who won it on June 1, 2008 at Crap-a-Mania Cinco in a 5 way Women's Hell in a Cell match, replacing the champion Synthy Eris, who was unable to compete.

EWT Girl Next Door Championship History

  • PsychoApeMommy
  • Mistress Mia
  • MommyTaker 2
  • Hilary [image] ton
  • Linda Ragnal- 9/25/05 (Crap-a-mania 2)
  • Carla O Woe- 11/27/05 (Rebirth)
  • Oceanic- 2/12/06 (Magic; The Gathering)
  • Chrysta Ragnal- 4/16/06 (Full House)
  • Chrysta was stripped of the title 5/20/06 due to injuries
  • Rosa- 6/4/06 (Kingdom of Hurt)
  • Rachael Leigh Cook- 8/27/06 (Crap-a-mania III)
  • Chrysta 2- 11/5/06 (Symphony of Destruction)

Title vacated for a period of time after no-shows

Title recreated by acting GM oceanic & a tournament starts

  • Synthy Eris-9/12/07 (Skies the Limit II)
  • D'Zee- 6/1/08 (Crap-a-mania Cinco)

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