The EWT OX Title is an official championship of the Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation. The current OX Division Title Champion is Hardcore Hensley who won it on March 31, 2008.

EWT OX Division Championship History

  • DSR
  • HM Myles
  • DSR
  • Dave Davies
  • Spaz- 4/7/05
  • Dave Adams- 5/18/05 (Stone Age)
  • Dorf- 7/24/05 (Saved By The Bell: The College Years)
  • Dave Adams 2- 8/14/05 (No Rest For The Wicked)
  • Dave Adams was stripped of the title 9/20/05
  • Eddie Omega- 9/25/05 (Crap-a-mania 2)
  • Spaz 2- 11/27/05 (Rebirth)
  • Bolt Bacana- 2/17/06
  • Koda Kazar (aka Rock Lee)- 6/4/06 (Kingdom of Hurt)
  • Crauswell- 11/5/06 (Symphony of Destruction)
  • Cassinova - 3/25/07 (Dead Man Walking)
  • BR Juri Sadamoto-11/4/07 (Survival of the Fittest)
  • Hardcore Hensley-3/31/08

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