The EWT Tri-State Championship is an official title of the Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation. It started out as the TV Title but was later renamed the Tri-State Title. The current champion is Virus who won it on April 9, 2008.

EWT Tri-State Championship History

(TV Title)

  • Fettster - 6/13/04 (defeated mprox in a Tornado Match in Iowa with an actual tornado; also was the nBo Internental Champion at the time.)
  • PsychoApeGuy - 6/20/04 (Stairway to Hardcore Heaven)
  • Psychoapemommy
  • DSR


Renamed Tri-State Title

  • HitmanMark
  • Moxie
  • Dave Davies- 4/17/05 (Mindless Self Indulgence Games)
  • Heidendorf- 5/11/05
  • Moxie won a match between he and Heidendorf on 6/10/05, but was vacated by GM Ape
  • Billy Ubermark- 6/14/05
  • Held up on 9/28/05, held by Merc, but stripped
  • Maelstrom- 11/1/05 (We Couldn't Be Arsed With a Name)
  • Chance Confidence- 12/2/05
  • Maelstrom 2- 12/18/05 (Season's Beatings)
  • Outlaw- 2/12/06 (Magic; The Gathering)
  • HBH Bret Michaels- 4/16/06 (Full House)
  • Mike Ragnal- 8/27/06 (Crap-a-mania III)
  • HBH Bret Michaels 2- 9/8/06
  • Mike Ragnal 2- 9/26/06 (The Skies The Limit)
  • Oceanic - 3/4/07 (March 4th, 2007)
  • Ghost face-9/21/07

12-23-07/Ghostface stripped of the Tri-State Championship for no-showing Season's Beatings in Iraq. New Champion to be crowned @ Toom E's House Party IV

  • Mahavir Abha-1/6/07 (Toom E's House Party IV)
  • Marcus Trunk-2/18/08 (Common Ground)
  • Virus-4/9/08

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