This file has been released into the Defunct Company by the company administration, the company owner, or the eWrestling administration, due to the company downfall, to inactivity of the federation, or other circumstances beyond their expectations.

East Coast Wrestling
Abbreviation ECW
Weekly shows ECW Monday Night Fusion (Tuesday)
Time open March 2006-
Owner(s) Eric Kessler
Based in Virginia, USA
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views 12 a Year
Website Click here

East Coast Wrestling (ECW for short) is an e-federation formed by Eric Kessler in March 2006. ECW is owned by a non-profit organization run by Captain Kessler.

History of ECW


Current Roster


Inactive Roster

Former ECW Roster

ECW Championships


Past ECW Championships

  • Unofficial ECW Champion - Trevor Bale (Trevor forced to vacate belt to enter Official ECW Championship Tournament on May 8th, 2006)

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