The Eh Team is a tag-team that was originally formed in the first NCW to face The Prophecy, headed by the NCW's Junior Heavyweight Champion, Azriel. Then, it was formed again in the EUW to combat M&M and gain tag-team gold.


The Eh Team has come up twice in Tom's e-fedding career and each time he was the leader of this team.


In NCW Tom decided that he would form a team to take on The Prophecy, a team that had been a thorn in Tom's side. The two teams continued their guerrila warfare until the feud came to head at NCW's Ride of your Life in a Cage of Death match. Here, The Prophecy had the last laugh when they beat The Eh Team in this vicious match-up. After NCW's Ride of Your Life, the Eh Team was not heard of again until EUW.


Within a week of Tom's debut, the new Eh Team had been formed. This time with The Jones and Brett Cross. No sooner had the team been formed than did they make an impact by winning the chance to gain Number One Contendership. The week after gaining the chance they captured number one contendership by beating Mind Trix(Lethal and Cole Evolver) who were the number one contenders at the time. During the following weeks Tom defeated Matteo, one half of the tag-champs, twice before defeating M&M themselves at Re Volt and winning the tag-titles.

To date the Eh Team is undefeated in the EUW and it seems they are going to keep it that way.

Title History

  • 1-Time EUW Tag-Team Champions (Tom and The Jones)

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