Eihildarr was born is Oslo, Norway, on October 25th 1976. At the young age of 16, he began his wrestling career. He has two older brothers, Berik, and Marcus, the latter whom died in a match. He looked up to Marcus all of his life, and feels it is his duty to make his family proud of his achievements in North America. He joined two federations within weeks of each other, both the GCW and the COPW. At GCW he went undefeated for nearly a month before facing a difficult defeat, and since then, he hasn't been the same. Some say he's out of his prime, but he's looking to prove them wrong and take down the man he views as his biggest rival there: Scott Adams. In COPW, Eihildarr slowly but surely gained a respectable spot, with the peak of his career being his short lived hold of the All Barrie Championship. However, he lost it mere weeks later to Myke Adams, the current champ. Since then his performance has declined.

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