El Pardel
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of El Pardel]]
Real name Unknown
Ring Names El Mejicano Destructor
El Pardel
Height 6'0"
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth April 21st, 1986
Place of birth Mexico City , Mexico
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Billed from Mexico City , Mexico
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Origins: Mexico City

El Pardel comes from the heart of Mexico City, he was grown up around all the fights,deaths and thefts, El Pardel grew up with just his mother after his father left them to die when EL Pardel was 4, El Pardel left school at 14 and started Cage Fighting where they couldn't handle the fact that El Pardel Became A High Flying Cage Fighter, but he was soon spotted by WCSF he trained for several week with the Japenese warriors and became a true warrior before debuting on WCSF Mayhem

Debut & Los Tiburónes

El Pardel debuted with his uncle and his best friend Hector Ramirez where they defeated two local wrestlers and amazing fashion, they went on to defeated Thunderstorm and had two chances the capture tag team gold but failed on both occasions, El Pardel would later start to become uneasy with the failure of the team & the fact with there new manager and Pardels brother El Danto where not helping the cause, El Pardel turned on his former best friends and became his own man

El Mejicano Destructor

As of March20th 2008 Mayhem El Pardel claimed that he will be dominate and claimed himself as El Mejicano Destructor, translating to The Mexican Deystroyer, El Pardel has twice shown he can handle it in the big time with a victory over Samuel Silver & a close match with Dynamite, El Pardel has also claimed that he should be the number one contender to Silvers title.

El Pardel is currently bannished from the WCSF. he will never be seen again.

In Wrestling

  • Theme Music: Halloween - Wake Up Screaming
  • Finishing Moves
    • EspaldaGalleta (Top Rope Backcracker)
    • Warriors Wind (Feint Shining Wizard into a back heel kick combination)
    • EspaldaGalleta Followed By Araconda Vise
  • Signature Moves
  • Springboard Variant Moves
    • Springboard Huracarana
    • Springboard Seated Senton
    • Springboard Diving Elbow Drop
    • Springboard Splash
    • Springboard Leg Drop
    • Springboard Diving Headbutt
    • Springboard Missile Dropkick
  • Other Signature Moves
    • Pele Kick
    • Dropkick
    • Over Top Rope Hurricarna
    • 3 Amigos Suplex's
    • Frog Splash

Personal life

Pardel currently lives in Orlando Florida with his Dog Sasha & with son Damien(3), the mother is former wife Amy Lea Jones(23)

Pardel has both arms full of tattos, he says they are declarations to his life,

Pardel is a fan of the band Jimmy Eat World

More on El Pardel is located here:

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