Elite Wrestling Championship
Acronym EWC
Opened 2007
Folded 2007
Location San Diego, California
Founder/Owner Ryan Taylor
General Director Tony Smith
Style Professional wrestling
Broadcast(s) Saturday Night May-Hem
e-federation style Roleplay e-federation
Website Official EWC site

Elite Wrestling Championship (EWC) was a short-lived failed attempt of an American-based professional wrestling e-federation promotion founded in 2007 by Ryan Taylor that held an office in San Diego, California.


The Elite Wrestling Championship promotion was a failed attempt and was owned by Ryan Taylor. The promotion produced only one Saturday Night May-Hem show (which was to be a weekly series broadcast) that played host to an EWC World Championship Tournament, crowning winners in Dave Johnson and Christopher who were planned to compete at an upcoming pay per view named Reunion, which was cancelled. That would mark the last event before it was completely and utterly abandoned. In addition, it also tried to take a step in branching out by promoting under the federation name, Wildcard Alliance Wrestling, but ultimately failed.


Note: None of the following championships were ever introduced on-screen nor crowned to a wrestler. However, they were planned to be used.

  • EWC World Championship
  • EWC May-Hem Championship
  • EWC Women's Championship
  • EWC Tag Team Championship


Weely show

  • Saturday Night May-Hem

Planned pay per views

  • January: Chaos
  • February: Carnage
  • March: Turmoil
  • April: Havoc
  • May: Unnamed
  • June: Unnamed
  • July: Unnamed
  • August:Warfare
  • September:EWC Reunion
  • October: Wreckage
  • November: Bloodshed
  • December: Anarchy



  • A.J. Cruz
  • Ambush
  • Ben Turner
  • Black Star
  • Dash Dog
  • Dave Johnson
  • Rt Savage
  • Slick Tom

Tag Teams

  • The Krew (Dash Dog and Slick Tom)
  • The Savage Boyz (Ben Turner and Rt Savage)


  • Christopher Jennings
  • Daniel Oslanovitch
  • Jefferson Northcote
  • Joey the Bastard
  • John Bruno

On-air talent

  • Charlie McGregor (May-Hem Commentator)
  • Kieran Powers (May-Hem Commentator)
  • Bill Sanders (May-Hem Ring Announcer)
  • Leanne Louis (Interviewer)


  • Ryan Taylor (EWC President)
  • Tony Smith (EWC Director)

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