The manager of the AWA fearsome tag team The Dark Hand and its members Darian Ashton (Darian "The Dark Wizard" Merlan) and Michael Stellows (Koron Daleus). She has lead this duo to many victories and much success. During this time she was bitten by the wrestling bug and wanted to train. With her services being temporarily suspended in the AWA Vampira decided to take this time to enter Shootcamp and to get her name on the map as one of the premiere women wrestlers.

Wrestling in CPW and AWA Vampira won several single and tag titles with the phenom known as Forg. Unfortunately Forg wanted to pursue a civilian life and left Vampira to singles action.

Vampira's wrestling career was cut short after a bad fall during a match. She though resumed her managerial duties when the Armies of Darkness reformed in the Outback Wretling League.

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