Eric Morrison
Full Name: Eric Alexander Morrison
Ring Name: Hell's Keeper
Alia(s): Eric Morrison, Gidion Kain
Date of Birth: Unknown
Nationality/Race: Caucasian American
From: Hell's Kitchen, NY
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 320 lbs.
Manager: Roxana Casandra
Debut: June 9, 2000
Trained By: DraVen Frost & Exodus
Alignment: Face
Current Fed(s): GWI
Previous Fed(s): Cyberslam, WFWA, CZW, Global Wrestling, XFC, W3, IWF, AWE


Eric Morrison was born to into the world of darkness from the very beginning, but it wasn't until he lost both his wife of nine years and their eight year old daughter that he finally realized his purpose and began learning to inflict pain on anyone that stands in his way. DraVen Frost, the key to his past, has been one of his mentors as well as associate within the Brotherhood but that is where the silver lining ends for these two. It is believed that DraVen Frost was the mastermind in creating the monster known as Hell's Keeper through an ancient scroll that givens the person who has it promises of controlling the world. Project 23 was designed by "The Boss," an unlicensed mad scientist, who built the chamber to house Eric Morrison for years tipping into his mind replacing happy moments into raged/death ones.

Morrison is no stranger to championship gold and will do anything to keep them amongst his order. For him there is no end of the road to greatness...until he's six feet under. He recently became the first in the history of the GWI and its past reincarnations to single handedly win the GWI Tag Team champions without a partner.(note this is because the champions no showed and the qwest brothers are shite) Now apart of Catastrophe brand, what kind of damage will this former American Nightmare cause to the superstars of this extended brand is the only question left unanswered.

Wrestling Facts

Common Moves

  • Big Boot
  • Powerslam
  • Military Slam
  • Shoulder Breaker
  • DDT
  • Suplex
  • Wrist Lock
  • Running Clothesline
  • Chinlock
  • Bodyslam
  • Chop
  • Swinging Neck Breaker
  • Chair Shot
  • Backbreaker
  • Sidewalk Slam

Rare Moves

  • Flying Clothesline
  • Arm Bar
  • Half Crab
  • Belly-To-Belly Suplex
  • Leg Drop

Trademark Move

  • The Gateway - Twisting reverse DDT drop.


  • Hell's Powerbomb - Opponent is placed on the top rope. Keeper does grabs the arms from behind in an Invented Powerbomb.

Championships and Accomplishments

Championship Held

  • WFWA World Champion
  • 2x WFWA Television Champion
  • WFWA World Tag Team Champions w/ Kronic
  • 3x WFWA Hardcore Champion
  • W3 Suicidal Champion
  • AWE Tag Team Champions w/ DraVen Frost
  • GWI Tag Team Champion


  • Grandslam Champion of WFWA
  • Top Five GWI Contracts [March 26, 2008]
  • First person to win the GWI Tag titles without a partner. [June 16, 2008]

Theme Song

  • Great American Nightmare By Rob Zombie

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