ECC or Eternal Combat Championship is an immortal fantasy fed designed by Gideon. ECC was made when two friends, Gideon and Boots decided they wanted to start their own fed in 2004. ECC has gone through many changes during the years and was first made as a freeweb site. After that ECC was reopened using tripod as the web site. It wasn't until January of 2007 That ECC got its own domain and a new site. On January 2008 ECC reopened it's doors with another new domain after being temporarily closed down. ECC was designed using the concepts of Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter. Being that it was based on these concepts, It deals with mixed martial arts as well as wrestling. In this fed you can be a creature of the night, or a superpowered being like those seen in games like Mortal Kombat, and Streetfighter, any of the whitewolf games as well as in comics. This efed is the first of its kind. Though there are many fantasy efeds, not all deal with the mixed martial arts as well as give you the opportunity to be anything you want. It is definitely Combat at its finest where only the fiercest warriors battle for supremacy. ECC is Definitely the next evolution in combat.

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