The Ex-Rev Intercontinental Championship was the 2nd main title in the Extreme Revolution.
Ex-Rev Intercontinental Championship

Ex-Rev Intercontinental Championship(Current)


Under Construction

Intercontinental Title history

Wrestlers Times Date Notes
Barry Gower 2 3rd April 2005 Gower wind the title in an Ultimate X match vs. MBR at Wrestlemania V
MBR 14th March 2005
Boyo 20th February 2005
MBR 12th September 2004
Bazman (Barry Gower) 21st June 2004
13th June 2004
Whizz Kidd
HSM 14th March 2004


Record Record holder Record number
Most reigns
Longest reign
Shortest reign
Oldest champion
Youngest champion
Heaviest champion
Lightest champion

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