Exner Sprite
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Height 6'0
Weight 235
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Billed from New York, New York
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Debut 2007
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Exner is an American professional based wrestler.

In Wrestling

Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation

Exner started in EWT in the summer of 2007. He initially came in with a Rorschach gimmick as a tweener. He feuded with Koda Kazzar. His gimmick got slightly over, but not terribly over. After his feud with Koda got cut short after just one month due to poor planning by management, that was the beginning of the end. Exner was rarely seen on TV, despite being used heavily on the house show circuit. The inevitable came in the fall of 07 when he was released from his contract. But this was not the last we would see of Exner.

Cast of Heroes

Exner came back in the early parts of 2008 as part of the viral campaigned-stable THE CAST OF HEROES, along with Jonathan Doe and Alexa King. He came back with a different mask and increased body size, which caused many to believe that it was someone else underneath the mask, but these rumors were soon put to rest. They briefly feuded with Andy Duke, and even captured gold in EWT in form of the Stables championships, but the firing of Duke and King caused this feud to end, along with Exner's EWT career.

Personal Life

Exner is a very secretive person. There are even people on the EWT roster who have yet to see his face. Many believe that Exner may in fact be insane in real-life due to his out of ring actions. Even his closest friends don't know if he does these things because he might be off his rocker, or because he is just playing into it to add mistique to his gimmick. When he was released from EWT in 2008, for instance, he disappeared for 13 days and was later found in an NYC park in full wrestling gear.

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