Explosive currently wrestles on Unleashed in the WCSF, where he is a part of the Unleashed Tag Team Division.

[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Explosive]]
Real name
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Height 6'8"
Weight 310 lbs.
Date of birth July 19th, 1982
Place of birth Sydney, Australia.
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Explosive's Journey To The WCSF

Bullied at high school, Explosive was a quiet upset kid. One day everything got too much and Explosive couldn't take it anymore. He hurt anyone that ever bullied him and was considered a very changed person. Nicknamed "Explosive" by his whole school as he "exploded" anytime he got angry at all. With his new change his grades went downhill and left school at year 10. He worked out at the gym to get one job that he couldn't obviously fail - wrestling. Working at minor promotions gaining multiple championships Explosive flew overseas to get a job he had been dreaming of. A career in the WCSF! In short time Explosive impressed the judges at his tryouts and was granted an opportunity of a life time.

Explosive - WCSF History

===Explosive's WCSF career started with a bang. He defeated Dean Mooney in his first ever match and started a streak on Ascension. He then debuted on Unleashed against JAC but fell short of victory. Shortly after he formed an alliance with Aerotisma and called themself Air Force due to their weight difference. They feuded with both Flux and The Revolution and after a few weeks it ended in a triple threat tag match in which Air Force won. Air Force racked up a few more tag team wins afterwards but an unfortunate loss ticked Explosive off as he slapped Aerotisma and left his partner in the middle ring. Explosive ambushed his former friend at an airport and Aerotisma has not been seen since. A similar attack was then made to Mickey Broadway for no particular reason. The two rivaled and soon more people got involved. Explosive formed a new alliance with Saxon Storm and Tomohiro Matsuda as The Natural Born Killers. Broadway however got backup from his friends Apollo Lynx and Tyler Rice. The two sides fought each other on Unleashed trying to gain the advantage on each other. One week it got so out of hand that Jason Williams, co-GM of Unleashed was forced to make a sanctioned 6-man tag match at Nothing to Lose to force them to settle their differences once and for all. The Natural Born Killers cheated their way to the win, making a blind tag and rolling up Rice with his tights while Broadway and Lynx had no idea about it. What will The Natural Born Killers do next coming off their PPV win?

Wrestling Info

Finishing Moves:

  • Atomic Lock (Walls Of Jericho)
  • The Detonator (Crucifixion)

Signature moves:

  • German Suplexes
  • Big Boot
  • Belly to Belly Side Slam
  • Spinebuster
  • Chop Block
  • Powerslam
  • Powerbomb
  • STO
  • Inverted Suplex

Current Show: Ascension/Unleashed

Entrance Theme:"Alive" P.O.D.

Associates: Saxon Storm and Tomohiro Matsuda.

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