Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation
Federation Name Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation EHWF
Slogan Nothing Else Matters
Shows EHWF FullHouse, EHWF Ground Zero
Time Open 2000 - Present
Head Office Staff Jesse D. Baker - Owner

Nichole Young - CEO
William Baker - President
Chris Estes - VP
Adam Cox - GM

Announcers Marcus Dolby

Mike Farley
Chris Bishop

Headquarters Davenport, Iowa, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA
Website EHWF [1]

The Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (EHWF) was founded by Jesse D. Baker and Chris Estes, in early July 2000. The federation was set to combine two smaller companies talents to create its own upstart roster of young talent.


The EHWF creation began back in late 1999, when Jesse Baker and Chris Estes took a side project of helping with a small start up company known as the Hardcore Wrestling League (HWL) which later that same year changed to the World War Wrestling (WWW). The company was ran in joint effort by Mike Val and Drake Retro. However after only a few months the company began to collapse in on itself, it was about that time that Baker and Estes parted from the company to start putting together the EHWF. The WWW shortly after completely self-destructed on itself when one of the companies biggest names, Visigoth, walked out signing a long term deal with the EHWF as one if the companies biggest stars.

In mid-2000, Baker and Estes took several of the big names from the WWW, Black Widow, Rich Boy J. Walker, Nightmare, CMoney, Brink, GangStarr, Bronxx and Blaze and combined it with some big names from the Mid West Wrestling Federation (MWWF), another company which Baker and Estes had each worked and helped build a few years prior. Adding names such as Kurtus Spees and Vulture and bringing in the creative announcer team of Mike Farley and Marcus Dolby, as well as the backstage reporter John Turner the ground work was set for the beginning of the EHWF.

The Birth of a Company

The early promotion of the EHWF focused on building up its star base as well as keeping in touch with a small fan base. It promoted around Mid-Western America, a base that several stars had already been well established coming out of the MWWF. Doing mostly shows through Iowa and Illinois before spanning out farther and farther. Those two areas became the central fan base for the company and the home of its two head quarters, one in Davenport, Iowa and the other Chicago, Illinois.

EHWF first aired on July 2, 2000 with a Pay Pre View style event called First Degree, (later would become known as First Degree 2000). The show was set to decided the first World, EuroContinental, and Hardcore champions as well as name the fourth tag team to fight for the tag team titles the following week. The show displayed the new talent of the EHWF, using a one night eight man tournament that the EHWF called the Tournament of Champions to display the talent, and crown the new champions. Brink and Visigoth faced in the semi finals, which saw Brink advance via disqualification when Punisher, who had previously that night competed in the boiler room brawl for the Hardcore Championship, attacked him during the match. After the decision Punisher turned his focus toward Visigoth laying out both stars in the ring. Brink would end up capturing the world title with a win over Walker later that night.

The early on stages of the EHWF used names such as Visigoth, Brink and Punisher to headline it’s shows. Which turned into a triple stable war, of Judgment Day led by Brink, the Gate Keepers headed by Visigoth, and supported by Vice President, Chris Estes and the Bad Boys of Pain created by Punisher.

During this same time, due to an increased size of roster, the EHWF management decided to bring in yet another championship to help promote some of the younger talent and make a stepping stone into the EC and World Title field. A battle royal was then held on a weekly episode of Battle Grounds on July 11, 2000, to name the first International Champion. It came down to Nightmare and Annexx, after Nightmare dominated everyone in the ring before leaving on his own power and issuing a challenge to the current champion Visigoth for a world title shot at the following Pay Pre View, Mind Games held on July 30, 2000.

This show truly displayed the styles of future EHWF events as it was filled with actions, twist and surprises to the very end of the night. Seeing even the upper management in action as Chris Estes was set to take on Punisher in a No Disqualification match, and Visigoth taking on Nightmare in a casket match which proved to increase the size of the Gate Keepers to the first grand sized stable the company had ever seen.

The EHWF continued to push new talent to higher levels of status in the company, moving the likes of Walker, Black Widow and Nightmare to World Title stage along with new comer Stealth, (long time friend of Punisher). While more and more new faces began to make an impact on the scene such as Straight Jacket, Big Richie the Hammer, Chapel and Zues.

Making History

The EHWF continued to grow through the end of 2000, leading to a special New Years count down Pay Pre View called Doomsday. As the end of the year count down began, it ended with an explosion and then with a special message from the unsuspecting arrival of Visigoth’s long term rival, Dogma. While the two had never faced off, the history between the two spanned now three federations counting the EHWF, and the challenge was finally issued by Dogma on the stroke of the new year, for the two to face off one on one at the biggest event EHWF had, Last Resort set to take place on January 28, 2001, less than a month away.

The match drove the federation to a new stage of entertainment value, with Dogma keeping his undefeated (in wrestling sanctioned matches) career streak alive defeating Visigoth. The show following Last Resort however saw the end of that streak as the two had a rematch with Visigoth picking up the win.

Since the creation of the EHWF, the number of names now pushed to world title status became uncontrollable, and come late February 2001 it was left up to Black Widow, the now commissioner of the EHWF to solve the problem. The solution was a match he had created years ago with a new added twist on it, called the WEB which would become a staple within the EHWF. The ten man battle show cased a number of great stars in some exciting action but also saw the start to the new long term rival of Zues and Dogma.

The 2001 year saw the record setting runs of both Zues and Visigoth with the World title, as well the arrival of a new championship the HardKore Tag Team Titles, presented to the tag team The Kidds by Widow’s replacement commissioner, Shane Kloppenberg, in honor of the record setting run they had with the World Tag Team Titles. This new addition of a sixth championship created the start of the grand slam title hunt which would finally be reached by Bronxx, at Judgment Day Death and Rebirth, July 18, 2001.

This time also marked the arrival of a new outside stable force that threatened the EHWF, made up of former HWL superstars and led by KidD (the only man before Visigoth to have a victory against Dogma in a none sanctioned match). The group went by the name of FtF (Fuck This Fed) and was set to destroy the EHWF, however failed after the EHWF forces held up against the invasion. Besides the arrival of KidD and the FtF, we also saw the arrival of the likes of Fortune and The Racist Bastard (TRB).

Championship Wrestling Alliance

June 18, 2001, following the Mind Games 2001 Pay Pre View, the EHWF decided to hold a special event instead of the normal FullHouse, calling the show Judgment Day: Death and Rebirth. Which proved to be one of the EHWF’s biggest events in its history. Placing every title on the line, and seeing some titles change hands more than once even, including the four different EHWF World Title Matches, three of which in a best of three challenge which saw the title change hands each pinfall. Bronxx managed to capture the world title from Visigoth in the first fall by becoming the only man to make him submit and thus making him the first ever EHWF Grandslam Champion. Visigoth retained the title by the end of the challenge, and then later that night in an unexpected match lost the belt to the masked star named Zero who had been stalking the locker rooms. The figure unmasked after the match to reveal to be Black Widow.

He then was greeted in the ring by a large number of the roster, including both Jesse Baker and Chris Estes, who ended the show by announcing that the EHWF doors would be closing and that a select few superstars would be signed to a new contract to the new federation, the Championship Wrestling Alliance (cWa), ran by Chris Estes and assisted by Jesse Baker.

Included in the select few names that joined the ranks in the cWa, where Fortune, Visigoth, Bronxx, Stealth, Straight Jacket, Natural Born Killer and Big Richie the Hammer. Combined with several new names such as Thorn and Nemesis, the new cWa had a completely different look about it.

The cWa however didn’t last long as Baker soon pulled from supporting it growing tired of playing second in charge to Estes and once again reopened the EHWF on October 21, 2001 with another Pay Pre View event called Resurrection and once again displayed the EHWF in a Tournament of Champions to crown a new world and EC Champion just like at First Degree 2000. Taking a large number of the cWa’s talent forcing it out of business and combining it with several new stars to the EHWF such as Cronix, The Messiah, Dynamite and “The Real Deal” James Bryan Dawson (JBD). The division between Baker and Estes caused several problems, and his dreams of the cWa didn’t die easy. Estes brought the war to the EHWF marking the second invasion on the company. This time supported by a co-owner of the company. As people began to take sides, Estes dropped a surprise bringing in the old cWa championships, and giving his champions matches on the EHWF shows.

Estes set on taking the EHWF, went as far as bringing in the former EHWF brothers, Punisher and Zues who had been fired upon the first closing of the EHWF. Soon the teams began to form and after Visigoth turned on his long time home to side with Estes and the cWa. The Fed War came to an end at Betrayal 2002 on May 5, in a ten man tag team match which saw Walker turn against the cWa and side with the EHWF gaining them the victory and putting an end to the cWa invasion.


Following the defeat of the cWa, the EHWF decided to quickly trim down the title count by holding a mass federation sixty three man tournament, merging the EHWF World, cWa World Title, the cWa EC title and the HWL World Title that was held by Brink, into one Undisputed Championship. The tournament was held at Oblivion on May 13, 2002, and the fed was broke down into four brackets, each with a different champion in it. Each round the championship would be up for grabs. Seeing as the tournament had one man short of an even tournament, Walker was given a first round bye by Jesse Baker, for his loyalty to the EHWF against the cWa. This tournament saw Fortune win his first EHWF World Title, even though it was for only a single round before being defeated by Visigoth. Zues managed to defeat Alaric for the cWa EC Championship, and then Mr. Main Event later on in the tournament to capture the cWa World title as well. Brink fell in the second round to unlikely champion contender Jesco White, who managed to stay in the tournament to the final four before being defeated by Visigoth, finally seeing the HWL title end up in Visigoth’s hands after almost four years since the chase began. The tournament ended with Zues finally beating Visigoth in the ring, another first for the history books.

The Undisputed Championship remained in existence for some time, as it was fought over by Zues, Punisher, Visigoth and later Mr. Main Event to a great deal.


Shortly after the cWa invasion, while doing a month long tour though the Iowa/Illinois region once more. Baker and Estes decided to help out one of the original promotions that the two had worked with, the MWWF, by running a long cross over storyline. The idea was to showcase some of the MWWF’s top talent on the EHWF events. Bringing in names such as Stick and Cheese, The Orderlies, The Professor, Bruiser, Millennium and Monarch to name just a few of the top names. The “invasion” was headed mostly by former EHWF superstar Kurtus Spees, who had returned back to his roots. This time also saw the return of the HardKore Tag Team titles which had been out of the picture since Judgement Day: Death and Rebirth.

The storyline ended with a special Pay Pre View event under an old MWWF name called License II Kill on August 11, 2002, which saw the signing of several names including Millennium, Monarch, Stick and Cheese. As well as bringing in what was called the Era of Perfection.

Era of Perfection

As License II Kill went off the air, it brought in the Era of Perfection as Mr. Main Event defeated Visigoth for the Undisputed Title. Creating a following behind him that he called Maineventism, almost a religious group that including the likes of The Orderlies, Doc, Nurse Sockit as well as the Mooninites. Mr. Main Event, managed to remain champion for only four months, however recorded an impressive nine defenses in that short time.

Divided Ranks

As the EHWF popularity continued to grow and take in new smaller federation’s talent something became clear. The current design of the company couldn’t handle the increasing growth of roster. The solution, in an attempt for a quick fix to the problem, was to divide the roster into two separate shows. Allowing more focus on each show to be given to the people that belonged to it. However things began to go a drift quickly as the new Head of Talent Evaluation, Tricky Dick, began to take liberties in who should be the champion. Giving his full support to Fortune, and watching the now franchise name of the EHWF reclaim the title was bad enough, however the back stabbing and betrayal that followed nearly destroyed the EHWF. Tricky Dick promoted the biggest screw job in recent EHWF history after awarding a world title victory to Mr. Main Event in the closing moments of Downfall 2003 on May 11, 2003, as WEB VII was coming to an end between Fortune and Mr. Main Event.

The aftermath fully divided the federation for a while, creating two different world champions, and even dividing the tag team titles into two different titles as well. The divided roster carried out through most of the rest of the year until finally being brought back together as Baker began to set his sites on taking on a new challenge.


Baker for the most part considers his start in the wrestling world to be with the MWWF. However it wasn’t his true first home. Baker got his foot in the door working for a small promotion that began in Mid-Canada, but had grown greatly by the time Baker stepped into the company and was starting to over take a new look and feel. As the company moved out of the Canadian region and began to step into wider areas of the world it changed it’s name to Global Wrestling Alliance (GWA). By late 2004 the GWA was in trouble. It’s revenue was starting to drop and it was having trouble drawing the crowds that it once did with the general increase in the other wrestling businesses popping up each month. The owner of the company, Adam Cox, had hoped to buy out the EHWF and bring in its staff and roster to help keep him float. Using already well known names such as Fortune, Punisher, Mr. Main Event combined with the new talent the EHWF had begun to build such as X-Factor, Jason Storm and BTB. Baker on the other hand wanted to use the established name of the GWA to help take his own company to the next level. At Fall Out 2004 held on October 3, which was announced to be the last EHWF Pay Pre View, Baker and Cox entered the ring against one another to fight for control. After several appearances from top stars in both promotions, and despite Adam Cox having a more well established background inside the ring, compared to Baker who had never won an in ring match to that date, it was Baker who came out the victor and won the rights to the GWA in the buy out.


After several months passed between the close of the EHWF, Baker had opted to run a Global Tournament of Champions (GTOC) open to all federations to test its talent. This was not only achieving another of Baker’s long time goals, but also to build the buzz about the reopening of his own companies doors. Sure enough shortly after the tournament came to an end, Baker reopened the doors using the new name GWA for his own company. He kicked things off by taking care of the old GWA World Champion by merging it with his EHWF World Title making the new Global Champion. The first Pay Pre View event several weeks into the new federations run going by the old EHWF staple name First Degree took place on December 27, 2004 and sported a Mass Roster Rumble, bringing talent from the old GWA, the old EHWF and a rival federation at the time the World Wrestling Alliance (WWA).

'Done to this point!!!!!!'

While this match as normal managed to take the show, a lot of focus was also placed on the double bout for the world title as the EHWF Champion, Fortune fought against the GWA Champion, Greatest Man Alive Kevin Johnson. In the end it was Fortune who captured the gold from above the ring.

Along with the former GWA stars such as Ed Sands and Kevin Johnson. The deal also insured the return of former EHWF World Champion, Jack Miller, a long time GWA roster member who shortly before the merger left the EHWF to return back to his home company. Baker however also had managed to pull in some new faces as well, including Mogul and Lindsey Maria from the GTOC, as well as the GTOC winner and former EHWF star Danny Polar who would quickly take the battle right to Fortune and take over the world title division in the EHWF. Other names followed shortly after including Julian Dark, Muhamad Krueger, "Hardcore Assassin" John Thomas, Specimen of Perfect Jeffery Jansen, Lady Ashe,Original Sin and Deshaun Smith.

The new GWA took on a new look and a new approach to promoting it’s show. Going with the younger upcoming names such as Danny Polar, X-Factor, Ed Sands, BTB and Mogul as it’s backbone of the company instead of the already established Fortune and Mr. Main Event.

New young faces continued to come in, as the new North American Division began to take off thanks to the help of Julian Dark and Jack Miller. It was the new stepping stone for fresh faces. Even running a short term cross over story with the WWA that several of its names had already signed temporary deals with the GWA, such as Lee Blaze Bass, Orion and Nikki Law. It was the shock wave of the arrival of Tuffy who excepted an open challenge made by Global Champion Ed Sands, leading to Tuffy to become the first ever Global Champion not part of the GWA roster or payroll. This led to the arrival of Bad Boy Benjamin as well who began a short feud with former stable mate Mogul and GWA North American Champion Julian Dark.


The constant push of the younger talent in the GWA and the change of attitude backstage didn’t set well with the EHWF legends. In turn it caused the formation of a super group led by Fortune and Visigoth, that included Brink, Punisher, X-Factor and Mr. Main Event that went by the name of the Insurgency.

The group formed behind Visigoth’s world title win, which he carried through the entire invasion, breaking the record Zues set in the first year of the EHWF for length of title reign. The invasion cloncluded with six man team elimention match between the EHWF Insurgency and the GWA Roster. The GWA team mostly headed by Muhamad and BTB proved to stand little chance against the legends, however Krueger and Barren managed to hold off and almost make a come back, the combine force of X-Factor, Jack Miller, Fortune, Punisher and Mr. Main Event won out and the GWA was defated.

As part of the stipulation of the match, the Insurgency was to disassemble and the GWA would once again return to its EHWF name.

EHWF Revived

With the victory over the GWA, the company was forced to change back to the EHWF name. With the change of the name also brought back some of the old attitude of the company, and several new names began to surface, a few coming out of a company called LAW, including BomberJake, ArcAngel, Ace Daniels, Terry Nash, Jordan Collins and a few others. Along with them, names such as Zircon Warmburn, Boca Del Inferno, Rachel Stevens, James Jackson, Steve Marlay, Mark Deniro and Ellie joined the company rankings. It also saw the rebirth of a few old EHWF factions such as the Alliance, and the Immortals.

A Federation Divided

The creation of the Alliance by Baker as he attempted to take full control over the company once again, led to a roster war as a new faction was created known as The New Revolution led by Barren T. Bolt, BomberJake and Rachel Stevens as the three lead names. The rival between the two groups last several months and over took the entire federation to the point that the EHWF Board of Directors had to finally come into action and as a group vote decided that Baker would no longer have full control over the whole roster and caused a show split, giving Baker control over FullHouse and Chris Estes control over Ground Zero, which also saw alliances broken as stars got drafted to different shows.

The power split caused several other new positions for staff members to step up and take action. Giving Tricky Dick and even saw the return of Mike Val to the EHWF scene. As some belts became fixed to the different shows, the world champion still was able to float back and forth, while Baker brought back the cWa Tag Team titles naming them the FullHouse tag divisions belt.

End of an Era

Shortly after the split, one of the biggest feuds began. Seven years in the making, Visigoth and Jesse Baker, from Baker’s private gym, in what would be a memorable match at First Degree 2007 on June 11. Visigoth would pick up the win however Baker wasn't ready to give up and the next month the two met for a second time inside Baker's private gym for a second match on July 1, at Unleashed. This time it was Baker who picked up the pinfall thanks to the returning EHWF star, Pyro who had been posing as the official for the match. The following week on FullHouse, Visigoth faced them both once again in a handicap match and lost thanks to Pyro using a kendo-stick behind the refs back. Visigoth then managed to get himself a one on one match with Pyro which took play on July 19, at Mind Games, a win would allow him a final match with Baker. After a back and forth battle, Visigoth was able to hit the Elsewhere DDT for the win.

Jesse Baker tried to get out of the match by placing Visigoth in some dangerous matches, which even saw him injurer his shoulder causing the match to be put on hold. However two months after Mind Games, on September 23, 2007, Visigoth got his final match with Baker, once more inside the private gym. Last Man Standing Career match at the EHWF’s biggest event of the year Last Resort VII. After almost twenty minutes and lots of spilled blood, it was Visigoth who delivered the fatal blow that would end Baker’s reign as the head of the company he had built for the last seven years.


After Baker lost his job within the EHWF, the company entered a transition phase with several different people acting in charge during the time, ranging from Chris Estes, Visigoth, Jessica Willers, Mike Val, and Nichole Young. The rosters soon merged back into just one show, FullHouse, and an acting General Manager was brought in to hold the place together while the remaining staff entered into what turned into endless session meetings to determine the fate of the company and who would be in control.

During this time, Kevin Johnson made a return as the acting General Manager of FullHouse. One of Johnson‘s biggest actions as the General Manager to the announcement of the famous EHWF Web match, which would see Jack Miller defend the World title he had managed to hold for over five months after winning it in the fnials of the Tournament of Champions back on July 29, 2007, against nine other men. Miller to that point had defended the title at every turn, defeating some of the best in the company and even making it through the second ever EHWF Chamber match with the belt. However the new challenge proved too much for Miller as on Doomsday 2007, which took place December 31, 2007 we saw Zircon Warmburn defeat Jack Miller to end his run as champion. Johnson’s time in control didn’t last long as it became clear of his personal relationship with a number of the superstars on the roster from the GWA and WWA, including, Jack Miller, Bad Boy Benjamin, Tuffy and Mogul. Nichole Young stepped in and fired him from his position and brought in Adam Cox, the man that acted as Jesse Baker’s mentor when he first entered into the business and the previous owner of the GWA before Baker took control from him.

Zircon's time with the belt, much like Johnson's time in power, would be short lived. At the first Pay Pre View event of the year, License II Kill 2008, he lost a triple threat match along with Bad Boy Benjamin to Tuffy, on the 17th of February. Tuffy would have one of his best reigns as champion to date defeating Rachel Stevens, Terry Nash and John Thomas in three different matches and keeping his run alive until June 15, 2008 when he would be defeated by the previous World Champion Zircon Warmburn at Oblivion.

Power Hungry

Since the loss of Baker in the EHWF, the company has been in search of a new man of power. Kevin Johnson started off taking control, however was quickly removed from the position after a little more than a month thanks to the EHWF Board of Committee, and was replaced with the man who started Jesse Baker in the business, Adam Cox.

Adam quickly took charge, first firing Kevin Johnson, who he had bad history with. Next he brought in one of his old stars who had till that point refused to return to the EHWF while it was under Baker’s control, being Edward Sands. However it didn’t take long before Cox began to let the power go to his head, and burned many bridges with superstars in the back, who in Cox’s mind stood below him and would learn to respect him. He had even gone as far as to fire several of the companies biggest names including Jack Miller, Eclipse, Blaze and Fortune. The last of which caused a huge uprising within the roster and even some action on part of some of the Board, who brought X-Factor back into the company and writing into his contract that Cox was not able to out right fire him.

Adam's rule in the EWHF lasted for most of the early parts of 2008, causing a large war to grow between himself and Boca del Inferno who didn't like the way things had been changing, starting with the firing of Fortune who brought Boca into the EHWF. Cox aligned himself with Prime Ascent, a group of young break out stars all very forward in the belief they where the future. The group was led by Bronxx and included, Lindsey Maria, Joey Maxim and John Thomas. Thomas however left the group suddenly after the group become well known as Adam's right hand men and joined with Boca and the Twisted Juggalo's against them, which led to him being replaced by Edward Sands within Prime Ascent.

The war went back and forth, building toward the Tournament of Champions, where Cox placed himself in a first round bye, however the Board changed the match stating they had just rehired a former wrestler to compete with Adam Cox Oblivion 2008 on June 18. The surprise turned out to be Dark Klown, an old cWa wrestler who not many had heard of. However the match between Dark Klown and Adam Cox didn’t last very long, as Dark Klown was quickly disqualified after attacking Adam with a chair and unmasking as Jesse Baker himself.

Tragic Return

One week following Oblivion, Jesse Baker addressed the crowd at FullHouse for the first time since losing his career match with Visigoth nine months before hand. Baker quickly burned out his welcome as he told the people he wasn’t here to save the EHWF but to kill it. Feeling the fans had disrespected not only himself but stars like Fortune who no one seemed to care about till they where gone. Jesse revealed that he might not be the President of the EHWF but he still owned the company and all the profits he made from it he was going to use to build his new federation the BWF (Basic Wrestling Federation) which would showcase names such as Jack Miller, Kevin Johnson and Fortune.

In the closing of that same night however, even more shocking events unfolded seconds after Zircon Warmburn defeated Sara Steel in the first round of the Tournament of Champions to retain his world title and advance, Baker was found backstage by Nichole Young shot and in critical condition.

For the remain month while the Tournament of Champions was running, an investigation was held in search of the man who shot Baker. Two top suspects quickly came to mind, the first being Adam Cox who had suffered an attack from Baker the previous night at Oblivion. The other suspect was Boca del Inferno who had made it publicly clear he would do take out anyone that stood in the way of Fortune returning to the EHWF. Beyond that, it was found that the gun used to shoot Fortune belonged to Boca who at the time had no explanation as to where he was at the time of the event, while Adam Cox had proof he was in a meeting with Nichole Young and the Board when the shots where heard.

The Next Generation

The investigation against Boca continued until the finals of the Tournament of Champions which ended on August 17, at Heatwave 2008. Zircon Warmburn a week before hand chose to leave the company, relinquishing the Championship and leaving it vacant. Theo Tyler was placed in the tournament taking Zircon’s place as the final four faced off at the event and would later that same night face the winner of a battle royal to name the new world champion. Boca that night revealed footage of his own, that proved he was with a medic at the time of the shots, and had kept it a secret so that Adam Cox wouldn’t use the injury as a reason to remove him from the tournament picture. Boca also on that night decided to change his appearance, dropping the Boca del Inferno name and going by his birth name Christopher Raven. Christopher managed to pick up a win after a bloody battle with long time rival Ace Daniels and then managed to defeat Theo Tyler in the second round to advance against the winner of the battle royal, Adam Cox long time friend and member of Prime Ascent, Edward Sands. In the closing moments of the match, it looked as if Sands would capture the gold however out of nowhere Andrew Hunter appeared spearing Sands and leaving Christopher with the victory. In the following week, it was revealed that Hunter’s return was one of the many changes coming to the EHWF from the newly named President, William Baker, son of Jesse Baker and Nichole Young. William had the full support of the Board and of VP Chris Estes, and began to make a number of changes in the company. Chris Raven offered a deal to William Baker, giving his full support to helping find the man who shot his father. In a show of respect for Chris, William rehired EHWF Legend Fortune.

Fortune appeared on FullHouse for the first time since being fired nearly six months ago, on August 27, to address his fans. However his return was spoiled as Jack Miller revealed though STV that Fortune was the man that stole the gun used to shoot Jesse Baker, from Chris Raven’s locker room. William Baker enraged by the betrayal issued a match for the following week between Fortune and Miller to take place, however the match proved to be a plan by William Baker and Fortune to take Jack out as Will turned on Miller at the end of the match giving his full support to Fortune.

A power war broke out within the federation as Raven brought together a group known as The Greater Good, consisting of Bad Boy Benjamin, Terry Nash, Ace Daniels and Ellie and pitted them against William Baker and Fortune’s alliance. Caught in the middle of this war where a number of superstars including Mark Shaw, Andrew Hunter and Jack Miller as some of the bigger top names. Over the months during the war between the groups, Chris started to slowly change back to the old Boca del Inferno driving him more and more paranoid and crazy feeling betrayed by the man that brought him into the EHWF, Fortune, and the son of Baker himself. He even resorted to siding with Adam Cox to help the Greater Good achieve it’s goals and leading to him capturing the world championship.

Still it was Miller who brought an end to the war, when he revealed Fortune and Jesse Baker where in on the whole thing to set up William and prove how much of a cut throat he really was. The focus now shifted on the on going rivaly between Mark Shaw and Boca del Inferno over the championship.

The End Complete

Closing in on the 100th Pay Pre View event things in the EHWF began to fall apart. A new Tournament of Champions was held, giving a number of stars a chance at becoming the world champion, held by Fortune going into the tournament. He was defeated in the opening round by Sara Steel, who remained champion up till she was beat by Blaze in the semi finals leading to Mark Shaw Blaze tournament finals match at First Degree 100. The match however was ruined by an early attack from Jack Miller who had been left out of the legends match which Julian Dark would end up winning. Miller attacked Shaw on his way to the ring for the title match, allowing Blaze an easier time at picking up the win.

Also at the Pay Pre View Jesse Baker announced that he would be closing the company down after the following Pay Pre View event The Culmination. He also announced that night would be an open invite ladder match to anyone that had ever worked for the EHWF with the winner earning a number one contender shot anytime they would like in the next month. Andrew Hunter managed to win the ladder match and then cashed in the shot moments after Blaze pined Shaw to retain the belt connecting with a Gold Bullet spear and winning himself the world championship.

The following week William Baker announced he was going to try and prove to the board that closing the fed down was the wrong move. As he announced The End Complete Tour, which would consist of three FullHouse’s and then the Culmination Pay Pre View. On the show before the start of the tour he kicked things off with a new kind of match, called the Tower of Gold (it saw the World, EC and Shadow title hung above the ring in a ladder match style at different heights. Four men competed, with each man only able to win one belt, and the only non-champion at the end of the night being fired.) The match consisted of Blaze, Andrew Hunter, Jack Miller and Tris Isles. Blaze played it safe and took the Shadow Title to insure he would still have a job. Miller then handcuffed Hunter to the EC title forcing him to take the belt, however Tris managed to outsmart Miller climbing the rope the world title was hanging from and kicking the ladder over. This led to him become the new world champion.

The following week Tris defended the belt in the second ever Iron Man Match in the EHWF history, going up against Tuffy who won the number one contendership the week before. Tris managed to retain the belt at the very last second of the match. William however was so impressed with two other stars that night, Blaze and Andrew Hunter who both pulled double duty that he created a new idea for the second stop of the End Complete Tour. Bringing the International Title out of retirement that he had forced Mark Shaw to do with it. He made four championship matches, Bowen and Shaw for the IN, Tuffy and Hunter for the EC, Nash and Thomas for the NA and Fortune Isles for the World. The winner of the four matches would then compete again later that night in a four person cage match with the world title on the line once more. Things went wrong however when Nash and Thomas fought to a count out. This led to William bringing the Perfect Title held by Ben Smith out of retirement and placing him in a match with Blaze and leading to Blaze winning the belt and joining Mark, Tris and Tuffy in the cage for the main event. The match was everything it was promised to be, till a crazed Canadian fan jumped the barrier attacking both Shaw and Isles in the ring allowing Tuffy to escape. The fan revealed himself to be Miller claiming William had no authority over him.

William quickly added one more match to the show, forcing Tuffy to defend his newly won championship against the former champion Isles in a No DQ match. Blaze attacked Tuffy during the battle allowing Isles to regain the belt going into the third stop of the End Complete Tour and the last FullHouse before the Pay Pre View.

In the last FullHouse of the tour, William decided to make the main event a tag team match with the winner becoming the world champion and the partner taking the EC title home. Tris and Hunter teamed up against Miller and Tuffy. Tuffy managed to avoid Hunter's attempt at the Golden Bullet only to get caught with Tris's Gentleman's Calling. However instead of Tris getting the win to retain the gold, Hunter broke up the cover and got involved in the count. The distraction was enough for Tuffy to knock Tris from the ring and hit the CrossOver on Andrew before heading toward the top for the Bling Bling. Miller however this time was the one that betrayed his partner slipping in and scoring the pinfall and gaining his fifth EHWF World Championship. After the match William Baker announced that at the Pay Pre View every title would be on the line twice that night. The first time would act as a qualifying match for the EHWF Chamber match later that night, which saw five championships on the line.

The Culmination worked a little different then most events, as the matches where in revere order then you would expect with the first world title match taking place first. Shaw faced off with Miller finally in a best of three falls match. Jack scored the first pinfall then declared he would win the second fall only by submission, something he was not able to do as Shaw went on to pin Miller two times in a row. Jack however still managed to make it into the chamber match at the end of the night taking part in the Open Invitational Battle Royal for the last spot in the chamber match. The Main Event of the night saw Shaw as the world champion, Tuffy as the EC Champion (who had defeated Tris and Hunter in the first ever triple threat Iron Man Table Match), Mike Bowen with the North American Title (who beat Terry Nash in a Last Man Standing Match), Joey Maxim with the Perfect Title (won in a tag team match along with Blaze over Men With A Plan after the brothers turned on one another to get the advancing pin), and Fortune with the Shadow Title (who beat Mogul, John Thomas and Mr. Main Event in a TLC Match) along with Jack Miller placing all the belts on the line. The first fall out of the match was Joey Maxim who left empty handed except his earlier won tag team titles. He was soon joined by Tuffy who ended up with the Shadow Title, and then Mike Bowen who became the Perfect Champion at the end of the night. It came down to Fortune, Miller and Shaw as Jack seemed to be working with Mark for most of the match trying to keep others from elimination the champion in hopes to be the one that finally would beat him. Fortune came in third leaving with the North American Title bringing the match down to the rivals and Shaw once again managed to pin Miller in the ring to retain the world title.

After the match Miller took the hand of Shaw in respect. Jack Miller then announced that the EHWF was not going to die, because Kevin Johnson and himself had bought it from Jesse Baker. It was announced the two planned to kick things back off in early February 2010.


(Includes superstars, staff and management which receive decent screen time)


EHWF World Champion – Mark Shaw
EHWF World Tag Team Champions – Blaze and Joey Maxim
EuroContinental Champion – Jack Miller
North American Champion – Fortune
Shadow Champion – Tuffy
EHWF Women's World Champion - Haze

Most Recent Winners
Tournament of Champions - Blaze
Mass Roster Rumble - Mark Shaw
WEB - Fortune
EHWF Chamber - Mark Shaw


Wednesday Night EHWF FullHouse

Other Awards

JCB Awards
Triple Crown Champions
Grandslam Champions
All-Star Champions

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