The Extreme Prison match is New Zealand's most bloodliest matches ever created, this match has only been used twice, the first match was between Shane Hellman and then NZPWI Federation Heavyweight Champion And Andrew Price. The structure of the match is simple, a simple cage with a roof and one door is used surrounding the ring, but the added twist is the use of a much larger second structure with no roof which replaces the barrier surrounding the outsiude of the ring. Each corner of the ring has a large tower, with a sole lumberjack (usually a wrestler that has history with either one of the participants) standing in the platform above. Each platform has weapons of assorts and can be used to full advantage. The only way to win the match is by pinfall, submission or by a countout of 15.

Shane Hellman vs And Andrew Price Match

The Shane Hellman vs And Andrew Price Title match is considered NZ's top match of the century, the match was announced when And Andrew Price chained Shane to the ringpost and struck him with a nightstick. After the show, Shane announced that he was the creator of the "Extreme Prision" match. The match took place during NZPWI NZ Revenge PPV and took a full 35mins.

  • Shane powerbombing And off one of the towers into a double stacked table.
  • And Andrew hitting a superkick sending Shane straight through the door.
  • And delivering a German Suplex to Shane from the top of the inner cage to the announcers table.
  • Shane hitting a Star of Mercy on And through the top of the inner cage sending both men crashing to the mat.
  • And and Shane throwing Griever off the tower and through the ring.

Shane eventually won the match and the NZPWI Federation title, caputring his first title win in New Zealand. Rummors of the match surfaced after And challenged current NZPWI Champion Griever to a title shot of his choice, and one he quotes "Would never run away from.

The rummors came true as Shane did a suprise announcement while in New Zealand and announced that he has let And use the match.

And Andrew Price vs Griever Match

The And Andrew Price vs Griever match was used after Giever contraversially won the NZPWI Federation Heavyweight belt off And Andrew Price in a Fatal 4 Way match which was billed as "The War to settle it all" which included Shane Hellman (His last match) & John Angel. After months of avoiding the former champion, Shane shocked the NZPWI world by announcing that he allowed permission to have this match used.

After 20mins of battling. And Andrew Price won the match after hitting "The Showstoppa" on Griever.

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