| Extreme Roughness Wrestling League

| Founded May 16, 2008 – Present

| Founder: Stephen Gibbs

| Parent: Extreme Wrestling Revolution

| First Show: August 30, 2008 (NOT BRODCASTED) ))

The Foundation

ERWL Was Founded On May 16, 2008 And Was Officially A CAW Show On August 30, 2008 Where It Made Its Live Debut NOT BRODCASTED But Has A Unique Ability To Win Over Fans By One Show.


Chairman: Stephen Gibbs

Vice Chairman: Joey Smith

Board Leader: Michael Hughes

Talent Co Ordinator: Joseph O Brian

Creative Staff:

Mike Rice

Alan Jones

Shane Rickman

Freddie Rock

Genral Manager: Steven Connel


Ice Blaze

Chris Cage

Daniel Masters

Sean McAndrew

Keith McAndrew


High Voltage

Mike Muscles


Johnny Edge

Randy Punk

CM Sapphire

The Killer



== PPV Order == On YouTube

New Years Resolution January 1st 2009

No Surrender Februay 12th 2009

Collision Course April 23, 2009

Last Man Standing May 13, 2009

Unforgiven June 23, 2009

Day Of Reckoning July 30, 2009

SummerImpact August 10, 2009

No Mercy September 24, 2009

Halloween Hell October 30, 2009

Ultimate Elimination November 25

GrappleMania Christmas Day 2009

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