Extreme World Wrestling
Acronym EWW
Established- Declared "Dead" May 15th, 2005- March 19th, 2008
Style Professional Wrestling
Headquarters North America
Operated By Kin Zan Dant, AJ Styles, & EWW Management

Extreme World Wrestling, (EWW) is a publicly traded, privately controlled integrated media (focusing in television, and live events), and sports entertainment company dealing primarily in the professional wrestling industry. H.F.D. is the majority owner. The company was bought out in March 2009 by Harold Delaney from [[Kin Zan Dant] after Zan Dant sold his shares for cash and disappeared. Harold Delaney has no plans on bringing the EWW back and is currently employed by XWA

Current Champions

Championship Title Last champion(s) Date Won Event Venue
World Championship Jamie Starrsplash

June 29, 2009

XWA Collision, Auckland, New Zealand
SX Championship Petey Williams March 18, 2007 Deception of the Past
EWW/XWA InterSpeed Championship Kin Zan Dant April 26, 2007 XWA Arena
EWW Tag Team Championship VACANT --
XWA Tag Team Championship Kin Zan Dant & AJ Styles May 20th, 2007 Tokyo Dome, Japan

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