Extremely Violent Entertainment(also known as Extreme Vegas Entertainment and more widely known as E.V.E) was a developmental promotion for the GWF. It is owned and operated by "Metal" Michael Toaster, and ran from around October 3, 2006 to February 5, 2007.

The Danny Mainer era

E.V.E. was originally the idea of Danny Mainer, who made it a developmental federation for the GWF. Danny wanted to use this mainly as a reincarnation of LVPW, but under the GWF, and later, GWA banner. However, due to having a lot to do with the GWF, Mainer could no longer control E.V.E., and it was given to the first person who offered to take it, Michael Toaster.

The Michael Toaster Era

On October 3, 2006, E.V.E. had it's first show. It was under the control of Michael Toaster and was a big hit, straight away. Following this, every new superstar was assigned to E.V.E to hone their skills, and get guaranteed places on a show, something which GWF could not promise at the time.

E.V.E grew from strength to strength in its weekly shows, and eventually every member benefitted from it one way or another. Therefore, when it was announced every current E.V.E superstar was to be moved up, E.V.E itself had little talent left. Since it was then made up of inactive members, it was decided to be shut down.

They had an EVE: One More Time PPV on the GWF.

EVE Alumni

"Metal" Michael Toaster (Owner)

Naked Viscera (commentator)

Kathy Burke (commentator)

Tony Chuo (commentator)


Gary Crackett

Mark "Underbaker" Madison

Jack Roberts/Mikey Badass/Devendra Rajeet

Glasgow Mauler

Josh the Jersey Boy

Ian Vendetta

Gangster Ferral

Ross Lambert

Alexander Anderson


Eric Ryans


John Bena

The Wimp


Thomas Wellington

Arthur Anderson


Iron Priest/Hiro

T-dog Tomasio





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