FMW Anxiety
Federation Full Metal Wrestling
Starring Anxiety roster
Slogan "Paranoia Sets In"
Theme music
General manager
Established Anxiety 5.2 (December 23, 2007)
Episodes 6
Folded Lethal Injection (August 10, 2008)

FMW Anxiety was one three brands for Full Metal Wrestling (FMW), alongside Alchemy and Anarchy. The show was created by FMW CEO and Original Sin mastermind, Jaro, who aimed to use Anxiety as a means to separate his adversaries. After The Resistance defeated Original Sin at Lethal Injection, Anxiety was folded.


At FMW Ultimatum, FMW owner Jaro along with about fifteen others formed the stable Original Sin. After announcing that their plans were to dominate FMW, Jaro announced the creation of FMW Anxiety - the third brand and an addition to the already established Alchemy and Anarchy. The first members to join its roster were the former NEW stars who were drafted in the FMW Underground Rookie Draft. The first ever win for an Anxiety wrestler came at the hands of its #1 draft pick Skyler Striker, who defeated the other two brands' #1 draft picks - Jack Boice (of Anarchy) and Shoop (of Alchemy).

cYnical is Anixety's General Manager. The Full Metal Tag Team Championship was brought to Anxiety as its main brand, and at Anxiety 5.2, the FMW Abandoned Championship was announced as Anxiety's specific title. The first Abandoned Champion was cYnical's bodyguard TyranT, who was crowned champion at FMW Death Row by winning an Unlucky Thirteens match against Peter Saint and Adrian.

Anxiety's main conflict since its creation has been John 'Doc' Derrick's quest for a shot at the World Title. Virtually undefeated since Anxiety's beginnings, Derrick destroyed all opposition, and finally broke cYnical's fingers on one hand before the FMW Champion, Eric Scorpio, even decided to pay attention to the situation.


General Manager




Audio Team

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