Death Row (2006)
Death Row
Promotion Full Metal Wrestling
Date December 5, 2006
Venue Mellon Arena
City Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pay-per-view chronology
First Death Row (2006) Lethal Injection (2007)
Death Row chronology
First Death Row (2006) Death Row (2008)

Death Row 2006 was the first professional e-wrestling pay-per-view event produced by Full Metal Wrestling. It took place on December 5, 2006.

The event revolved around the quarterfinals of a 32-man Road to Glory tournament to crown the first Full Metal Champion.



Forged from the ashes of controversy, Full Metal Wrestling was created in September 2006 by Jason "Jaro" Roy and Robb Clarke.

With rumors and speculation running rampant after the Pyrogate scandal, Jaro appeared at the premiere Full Metal 1.1 telecast and confirmed himself as the FMW owner, then revealed the newly created Full Metal Championship. Jaro proclaimed that the FMW Championship would be decided in a 32-man Road to Glory tournament. The champion would be crowned at FMW's first pay-per-view, Death Row.

The tournament started with the first round match-ups contested on the first two FMW telecasts. The second round matches were shown on the third and fourth FMW telecasts. The remaining eight superstars moved on to the Death Row pay-per-view where the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final would take place to crown the first Full Metal Champion.


At Death Row, the elite eight match-ups saw Alex O'Rion defeating Lucas Drago, Andrew O'Rion beating RAMPAGE!, Drew Michaels going over X, and Ethan Black getting the upset victory over cYnical. In the semifinals, Andrew defeated twin brother Alex to advance, while Black was able to get the pinfall victory over Michaels.

The finals of the Road to Glory tournament pit Ethan Black against the popular Andrew O'Rion. Black entered the contest with the entire rank of the Black Covenant in his corner, whereas Andrew entered alone. It was soon revealed that some of Black's cultist followers had locked Andrew's two brothers, Alex and Adrian, in their locker room.

Black and his Covenant took advantage of the numbers game during the match. A combination of distractions and interference allowed Black and company to batter and bloody Andrew for much of the contest. Seeing the unfair advantage, cYnical attacked the cultists backstage and managed to free the captive O'Rions. The three of them stormed the ring and attacked the Black Covenant. Through the confusion, Black threw a fireball into Andrew's face to blind him. Ethan Black made the cover to become the first Full Metal Champion.



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
   Alex O'Rion  
 Lucas Drago  
     Alex O'Rion  
     Andrew O'Rion  
   Andrew O'Rion  
       Andrew O'Rion
     Ethan Black
   Drew Michaels  
     Drew Michaels
     Ethan Black  
 Ethan Black

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