Death Row (2008)
Promotion Full Metal Wrestling
Brand Alchemy
Date March 19th, 2008
Venue American Airlines Center
City Dallas, Texas
Pay-per-view chronology
Ultimatum I Death Row (2008) Supremacy (2008)
Death Row chronology
Death Row (2006) Death Row (2008) Death Row (2009)

Death Row (2008) was a professional e-wrestling pay-per-view event produced by Full Metal Wrestling. It took place on March 19th, 2008 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

The event centered around the Full Metal Championship, which Original Sin's Eric Scorpio had recently won after defeating Drew Michaels at Anarchy 5.3. Because Michaels had a guaranteed rematch clause, and since Alex O'Rion was scheduled to cash in on his guaranteed title shot for winning the Hayabusa Cup, Michaels and O'Rion were forced to square off with the winner facing Scorpio for the championship match. Michaels was able to defeat O'Rion after Original Sin interference, but could not withstand Scorpio in the title match.



At Ultimatum, the "Chosen One" Drew Michaels completed his quest of becoming the second-ever FMW Champion when he ended the tyrannical reign of Ethan Black. But during his celebration, Michaels was attacked by Black. Michaels' cousin and tag team partner Nick Bryson and rivalling friend Alex O'Rion tried to assist Michaels, but the three were no match against 15 of FMW's most sinful individuals (of which included members from the Black Covenant, Dogs of War, Team Dream, and N.M.E.). Masterminded by CEO Jaro, the evil axis beatdown O'Rion, staked Bryson, and crucified Michaels to a cross. As Michaels' blood rained down, Jaro and Black called the group Original Sin and vowed a hostile takeover of FMW.

The next day, with anxiety running rampant among the FMW roster due to the shocking formation of Original Sin, Jaro announced the creation of a third FMW brand, Anxiety.

During the 5.1 shows, the Original Sin began their hostile takeover. At Alchemy 5.1, with his Last Militia partner Dante Jones serving time in jail, Alex O'Rion was piledriven from a ladder through an announce table by Adrian and the Dogs of War. With their mission accomplished, Adrian and the Dogs of War announced they would be the first Original Sin members to join the Anxiety brand.

Meanwhile at Anarchy 5.1, Jaro forced Michaels to put his FMW Championship on the line in an Ultimatum rematch against Ethan Black inside Hell in a Cell. With two broken hands, Michaels was attacked by Jaro during the match. Bryson ran down to make the save, but Jaro puppeteered Michaels' cousin, giving him his banhammer and ordering him to nail Michaels if he wanted Michaels to retain the FMW Championship. As Bryson mouthed "I'm sorry" to his cousin, he nailed Michaels in the head, allowing Michaels to retain the Championship.

Eventually, the Anxiety roster added Ethan Black, cYnical, John "Doc" Derrick, Peter Saint, and first overall rookie draft pick Skyler Striker. Ethan would also bring in his psychotic clown of a brother, Josef Black. With all of FMW's faces being separated due to the brand extension, then being picked apart by Original Sin, the separated faces vowed an alliance of their own called the Guerilla Union.

At the debut Anxiety 5.2 broadcast, the original Death Row main event was announced to be a fatal four-way match for the Full Metal Championship involving champion Drew Michaels, Hayabusa Cup winner Alex O'Rion, John "Doc" Derrick, and either one of the two Black brothers (Ethan or Josef).

However, days after the announcement, Original Sin member Eric Scorpio defeated Michaels for the title at Anarchy 5.3 after Jaro provided interference with his banhammer. Now that Scorpio is champion, the main event is in question.


# Match Brand Stipulations Notes
1 TyranT defeated Peter Saint and Adrian Anxiety FMW Abandoned Championship Unlucky 13 Match TyranT stapled the last card on Saint's chin to become the first-ever Abandoned Champion
2 X (with St. Michael Dreamkiller) defeated The Wickedness (c) Anarchy FMW Television Championship Dog Collar Match X hit the X'd Out on Wickedness, then touched all four turnbuckles to win the match and title
3 VanGuard defeated Neutron Star (c), Hannibal Frost, Bobino, Gabriel Lance, and Steve Zanoni Alchemy FMW TNT Championship Ladder Match VanGuard grabbed the title after Frost missile dropkicked Star off the ladder
4 The Quick and the Dead (c) (Cactus Sam & Chase) defeated The Vendetta (Romeo Vizzini & Vengeance) FMW FMW Tag Team Championship Match (Guest referee: Korran Halycon) Cactus Sam pinned Vengeance after the Twelve Gauge
5 Nick Bryson (c) defeated Dante Jones FMW FMW Ultraviolent Championship Match Bryson pinned Jones after the Sickle Touch
6 C.G. & Kelsey Smitten defeated Jack Boice & Baby Anarchy Intergender Tag Team Match C.G. Smitten pinned Boice after dropping him with the Gavel Banger on a steel chair and thumbtacks
7 Harlequin, Crazy Ash Killa, Syanide, & cYnical defeated Bloodrose, Mortus, Edible Smith, & Smart Mark Johnson FMW "Harvest of Evil" 4-on-4 Elimination Match Harlequin and Crazy Ash Killa were the survivors.
8 Hostyle (c) defeated Dalby Sound Alchemy FMW C-4 Division Championship Match Hostyle forced Sound to tap out to the Cloverleaf Clash
9 Nick Rijkaard defeated Dr. David Diabolical Alchemy Brother vs. Brother Match Rijkaard pinned Diabolical after the Rijkaard Reflection
10 John "Doc" Derrick defeated Josef Black (with Ethan Black and Eve) Anxiety Singles Match Derrick pinned Josef with a schoolboy pin when he was distracted by Skyler Striker
11 Drew Michaels defeated Alex O'Rion FMW "I Quit" Match to determine who challenges Eric Scorpio for the FMW Championship O'Rion said "I Quit" when Original Sin's Jaro gave him an ultimatum to say the words or let Dante Jones powerbomb him from the top of a ladder to the floor
12 Eric Scorpio (c) defeated Drew Michaels Anarchy FMW World Championship Match Scorpio pinned Michaels after a Northern Lights suplex

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