FSW - Free-Spirit Wrestling officially began on 11th of February 2007. Steve Farrant founded this after some of his previous feds died. FSW had enough superstars on its Roster to begin. It has a weekly show on a Saturday Called : "Saturday Night Pulse". Free-Spirit Wrestling is supposed to have a grungy feel to it and the fans are extremely aggressive and often get involved with the shows via throwing stuff in the ring etc. It is no nonsense. It is total war. The roster is often very low as a lot of our wrestlers get injuries. Our matches are often very Hardcore based and trust me. You will get hurt.

Current FSW Roster :

Simon Kane

Rogue Juggalo


Luke "The Impact Player" Fowler


JP Chronic

Michael Pain



FSW Tag Teams :

Team Extreme :- Radicazz and Tornado

Simon Kane and Seven

Current Champions :

FSW World Championship :Luke "The Impact Player" Fowler

FSW World Championship

Former FSW Superstars :

Still to come......

FSW Greats / Hall of Fame :

Still to Come.

Links :

Main Site WWW.FSDub.Co.Nr

Boards :

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