The FUW World Heavyweight Title was the most valuable championship that could be fought for in all incarnations of FUW.


As of August 20, 2017.

# Wrestler: Reigns: Event: year: Notes:
1 The Pimp 1 TNT 1997 The Pimp won the vacant FUW Championship in a tournament on the first ever TNT.
2 Zakk Blood 1 Panama City Pandemonium 1997 None
3 Shane Stevens 1 TNT 1997 None
4 "The Motorcycle Stud" Jason Lee 1 TNT 1997 None
5 JJFlash 1 TNT 1997 None
6 Tommy Miracle 1 Westleramma 1998 None
7 "The Motorcycle Stud" Jason Lee 2 Unknown 1998 None
8 Zakk Blood 2 Unknown 1998 None

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