The following is a list of all current champions in Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, as of August 20, 2017.

The list includes the date and location of the win and a description of the winning bout.


Title Wrestler Date Location Notes
FWA Championship Matt Boudreau September 28,2008 Denver, Colorado Defeated champion Ryan Hall
FWA World Heavyweight Champion Ashley O'Ryan June 21, 2009 Houston, Texas Pinned Wolf in a Triple Threat match including Stu St. Clair
FWA World Television Champion Rocky Creed February 6, 2009 St. Louis, Missouri Defeated James Sync for the vacated title
FWA North American Championship Nemesis May 17, 2009 Indianapolis, Indiana Defeated champion Duke Drazin in a 30 Minute Ironman Match
FWA Tag Team Championship Aut Pax Aut Bellum April 5, 2009 New York, New York Defeated champions Sinful Sensuality
FWA X Championship Devin Golden May 17, 2009 Indianapolis, Indiana Won the vacated title in a Hardcore Battle Royal
FWA Woman’s Championship Anyanka April 5, 2009 Las Vegas, Nevada Pinned Madison in a Triple Threat match including Raquel Wednesday

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