Latest Championship added to the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. The first champion was crowned at FWA Betrayal.

Note: All matches are wrestled under a stipulation.

Title History

Wrestler: Won From: Date: Location: Notes:
Lt. Wyoming Bullseye Johnson November 18, 2007 Orlando, Florida Tournament Final in a Last Man Standing Match
James Sync Lt. Wyoming December 16, 2007 Chicago, Illinois TLC match
Lt. Wyoming James Sync January 4, 2008 Key Islands, Florida 15-minute Ironman match
Vacated n/a February 23, 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada Lt. Wyoming could not compete and was stripped of the title
Alexx Darnell Porter & Wolf February 29, 2008 Seattle, Washington Steel Cage Match
Darnell Porter Alexx March 16, 2008 Boston Massachusetts Hardcore match, Wolf as SGR
Wolf Darnell Porter May 23, 2008 Laramie Wyoming

Dog Collar Match

Darnell Porter Wolf June 6, 2008 Minneapolis, Minnesota Ladder Match
Vacated n/a July 5, 2009 n/a Stripped of the title at the 2008 Draft
Daemon Inferno Alexx, Josh, Black Hurricane, Johnny Demon July 12, 2009 New York City, New York Fatal Five Way
Vacated n/a November 2, 2008 New York City, New York Dropped the championship
Baphomet Devin Golden and Moira Crawford November 15, 2008 New York City, New York Triple Threat Match
Moira Crawford Baphomet February 8, 2009 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Taipei Death Match
Vacated n/a May 1, 2009 n/a Vacated to compete in North American Championship Tournament
Devin Golden n/a May 17. 2009 Indianapolis, Indiana Won in Hardcore Battle Royal

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