Double underhook facebuster

Triple H about to hit a PedigreeThe wrestler bends their opponent forward, placing the opponent's head between the wrestler's legs and then applies a double underhook on the opponent. The wrestler then jumps up while tucking their knees causing them to lift their opponent off the mat before landing on their knees, forcing the opponent's face into the mat. Triple H, the most famous user of this move, would name it the Pedigree during his "Greenwich Snob" gimmick and he still uses it today. The word Pedigree was commonly adopted when referring to this move.

Another variation of this move, famously used by CM Punk who called it the Pepsi Plunge, sees a wrestler ascend to the top turnbuckle so that they are standing on the top rope. While doing this they pull their opponent with them so that the opponent is standing on the second rope. The wrestler then applies the double underhook and jumps forwards lifting their opponent into the air before dropping to the mat, landing on their knees and driving the opponent's face into the mat with increased force. However, Punk stopped using this move months before coming to WWE.

CM Punk also innovated a slight variation of his Pepsi Plunge in which the opponent is seated on the top turnbuckle facing the ring while Punk stands in front of the opponent on the top turnbuckle before applying the double underhook and jumping backwards, pulling the opponent off the top rope, and falling to his knees driving the opponent's face into the mat.

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