Fantabulous Underground Wrestling
Federation Name Fantabulous Underground Wrestling
Abbreviation FUW
Weekly shows TNT
Major PPV Panama City Pandemonium (March)
Time open November 1997 – Present
Owner Nicklaus Evanko
Commentators Mark Mann, Join Now!
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Monthly

Fantabulous Underground Wrestling is a wrestling federation which opened in November 1997 by Nicklaus Evanko, Steven Bennett and Jared Rojek. FUW has operated sporadically until the present. Currently, FUW has become a sort of Brand Extension of LAW.

Fictional History

Era 1

FUW opened its doors in 1997 under President Sweet & Sour Nick Evanko and Commissioner GG Hawke. Many of its initial roster included those jumping ship from the newly closed Supreme Championship Wrestling. The first World Heavyweight Title was determined via tournament and awarded to The Pimp. Between 1997 and 2000 grew to include three weekly shows and an enormous roster and history.

Era 2: Frontier Ultimate Wrestling

In 2000, Sweet & Sour Nick Evanko lost control of FUW to new president Jason Cercone. Upon the takeover, Fantabulous Underground Wrestling was repackaged as Frontier Ultimate Wrestling. The new FUW lasted roughly half a year before closing down due to financial difficulties.

Era 3

At the end of 2002, oil magnate James Lincoln Sr. bought the FUW (now with its original moniker), and placed his son, James Lincoln Jr. as the new president. Lincoln Jr. aka JimJu headquartered FUW in its most popular locale, Wilkes-Barre PA, USA. This era lasted one year, but was forcibly closed down after FUW inadvertently destroyed the city of Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Era 4

Late 2004, brought the return of FUW, now with a more international scope. This lasted roughly six months until infighting caused the fed to once again fold.

Inferior Invasion

In Early 2008, the FUW has invaded LAW in what seems to be a poor attempt at self-promotion.


Notable Inactive Roster

Active Stables

Inactive Notable Stables

Television shows

PPV Events


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