This is a list of people employed by and/or contracted to Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.


Male Wrestlers

Female Wrestlers

Stables and Tag Teams



On-Air and Backstage Staff

  • Matthew Robinson - FWA CEO
  • Chris Stallings - FWA Chairman of the Board
  • Drew Jolson - Fight Night General Manager
  • Jillian DeSilva - CrossFire General Manager
  • Lucy Pinder - Smash color commentator / Matthew Robinson's personal assistant
  • Langdon Trafford - Play-By-Play Commentator of Fight Night
  • Piers Gallagher - Color Commentator of Fight Night
  • Sam McDonald - Play-by-Play Commentator for CrossFire
  • Harry Baxter - Colour Commentator for CrossFire
  • Josie Lewis - Smash General Manager
  • Emily Gordon - Head Backstage Interviewer for Fight Night
  • Amy Duke - Backstage Interviewer for Fight Night
  • Sean Valentine - Backstage Interviewer for Fight Night
  • Kurt Harrington - Ring Announcer for Fight Night
  • Valerie Heart - Ring Announcer for Crossfire
  • Todd Salum - Head of Backstage Interviewer Team for CrossFire
  • Elizabeth Denara - Backstage Interviewer for CrossFire
  • Andrew Griffin - Backstage Interviewer for CrossFire
  • Katie Lynn Goldsmith - Backstage Interviewer for CrossFire
  • Chloe Manning - FWA.Com Webmistress and FWA Pay-Per-View Pre Show Hostess
  • Neva Walker - Head Of Marketing & Sales
  • Alexis Michelson - PR Agent/Talent Scout
  • Dr. Sean Brennan - FWA Medical Consultant

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