FcW's Seven Deadly Sins is an annually held Pay-Per-View event in the Fearless Championship Wrestling. It is featured with the winner of the prior months New Beginnings Tournament winner receiving their FcW Universal Heavyweight Championship match against the current reigning champion, as well as a Seven Deadly Sins Match to decide the captain of the challenging team in the Civil War Match the following month.



Elimination # Wrestler Entrance Weapon Eliminated by Elimination Move Time
1 Tommy Creed 1 Steel chair Captain William Jericho Jericho hit a Shiver Me Timbers from the top of a pod through a table 23:42
2 Robbie Priest 2 Kendo Stick Prozac Prozac hit a Rehabilitation on to a steel chair 25:41
3 Prozac 3 Baseball Bat Colt Sykes Colt hit an OHH BABY on to the steel siding 28:13
4 Captain William Jericho 4 Table Colt Sykes Colt hit him with a Lightz Out on to the steel chair 29:14
5 Colt Sykes 5 Sledge Hammer Deamon Cohln Deamon hit a Deamon Doom DDT after Debonair hit Colt with the sledge hammer 31:39
6 Deamon Cohln 4 Lead Pipe Debonair Forces of Fred on to thumb tacks 33:12
WINNER Fred Debonair 7 Thumb Tacks
  • Amber Raines defeated John Cavanagh to win the FcW Universal Heavyweight Championship (26:07)
    • Amber became the first ever woman to hold the championship.
    • Robbie Priest, Terry Williams, Sevrena and Captain William Jericho all interfered in the match up(Bam Bam and Sevrena on Cavanagh's behalf and Priest and Jericho to even the odds)

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