The Fearless Championship Wrestling United States Championship is the a second tier title of Fearless Championship Wrestling and was actually not in use for the first two months of the federation's existence. [The title is currently vacant.

Title History

Wrestler: Times Held: Date: Location: Stipulation:
"The Celtic Warrior" Kevin Conner 1 May 27th, 2007 Boston, MA Defeated Drake Styles, Corey Bayne & Terry Williams in a TLC Match
Jeff Van Damage 1 June 11th, 2007 Hartford, CT First match, after challenging Conner
Vacant N/A June 18th, 2007 Philadelphia, PA Vacated after asking for release
Kevin Conner 2 July 1st, 2007 Cleveland, OH Defeated Gino Knoxx, Ryan Kilmore & Madd Dawg
Ryan Kilmore 1 July 29th, 2007 Detroit, MI Defeated Kevin Conner & Shawn Starlight
Jess Amazing 1 September 23rd, 2007 Houston, TX Defeated Ryan Kilmore
John Cavanagh 1 October 8th, 2007 Phoenix, AZ Defeated Jess Amazing in a Crown Tournament Quarter-Finals Match
Coruvs 1 October 28th, 2007 Los Angeles, CA Pinned Lupus in a match that also involved Cavanagh, The Terror and The Fiend
Vacant N/A November 6th, 2007 San Francisco, CA Vacated after asking for release

List of Individual Reigns

As of February 12 2008.

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Ryan Kilmore 56 July 29 2007 September 23 2007
Kevin Conner 28 July 1 2007 July 29 2007
John Cavanagh 20 October 8 2007 October 28 2007
Kevin Conner 15 May 27 2007 June 11 2007
Jess Amazing 13 September 23 2007 October 8 2007
Corvus 9 October 28 2007 November 6 2007
Jeff Van Damage 7 June 11 2007 June 18 2007

List of Top Combined Reigns

As of February 12 2008.

Rank Wrestler # Of Reigns Combined Days
1.Ryan Kilmore156
2.Kevin Conner232
3.John Cavanagh120
4.Jess Amazing113
6.Jeff Van Damage17

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