The Fearless Championship Wrestling Universal Heavyweight Championship is the a top tier title of Fearless Championship Wrestling and is currently held by John Cavanagh who is in his fourth reign.

Title History

Order of Title Succession

Wrestler: Times Held: Date: Location: Stipulation:
"The One Man Dynasty" John Cavanagh 1 April 29th, 2007 New York, NY Defeated Anarchy and Caz Armour in a Fearless Match
Fred Debonair 1 September 23rd, 2007 Houston, TX Defeated Cavanagh, Ryan Kilmore and Colt "The 45" Sykes
Jess Amazing 1 October 28th, 2007 Los Angeles, CA
John Cavanagh 2 November 25th, 2007 Las Vegas, NV "I Quit" Match as voted on by the fans
Amber Raines 1 February 24th, 2008 Philadelphia, PA This victory made Amber Raines the first female to ever hold this championship
Vacated March 18th, 2008
John Cavanagh 3 July 20th, 2008 New York, NY Cavanagh won the Race Against Time Battle Royal entering at number one
Caz Armour 1 August 24th, 2008 New York, NY This was a Solitary Confinement Match
John Cavanagh 4 October 19th, 2008 New York, NY This was a Sixty Minute No Holds Barred Iron Man Match

List of Individual Reigns

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
John Cavanagh 146 April 29 2007 September 23 2007
John Cavanagh 90 November 25 2007 February 24 2008
Caz Armour 56 August 24 2008 October 19 2008
John Cavanagh 56+ October 19 2008 Current Champion
John Cavanagh 35 July 20 2008 August 24 2008
Fred Debonair 32 September 23 2007 October 28 2007
Jess Amazing 28 October 28 2007 November 25 2007
Amber Raines 23 February 24 2008 March 18 2008

List of Top Combined Reigns

Rank Wrestler # Of Reigns Combined Days
1.John Cavanagh4332+
2.Caz Armour156
3.Fred Debonair132
4.Jess Amazing128
5.Amber Raines123

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