The Fearless Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Championship is the a top tier, and only, Tag Team title in the Fearless Championship Wrestling. It is currently held by Veritas, the team of Terry Williams and Sevrena who are in their second reign.

Title History

Order of Title Succession

Wrestler: Times Held: Date: Location: Stipulation:
Madd Dawg & Enigma 1 July 1st, 2007 Cleveland, OH Defeated Kevin Conner & Juan Ortiz and Xtreme Insanity & Fred Debonair
Kevin Conner & Colt "The 45" Sykes 1 July 29th, 2007 Detroit, MI
Terry Williams & Sevrena 1 August 26th, 2007 St. Louis, MO This was a tag team turmoil TLC Match including the teams of Damien Lucifer & Xtreme Insanity and Andres Vega & Captain William Jericho
Tommy Creed & Corey Bayne 1 January 27th, 2008 Boston, MA This was the first time Creed & Bayne had teamed, they won a battle royal a week earlier to get the title shot
Terry Williams & Sevrena 2 February 24th, 2008 Philadelphia, PA Corey Bayne was injured during the match up

List of Individual Reigns

As of March 16 2008.

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Terry Williams & Sevrena 154 August 26 2007 January 27 2008
Madd Dawg & Enigma 28 July 1 2007 July 29 2007
Colt "The 45" Sykes & Kevin Conner 28 July 29 2007 August 26 2007
Tommy Creed & Corey Bayne 28 January 27 2008 February 24 2008
Terry Williams & Sevrena 21+ February 24 2008 Current Champion

List of Top Combined Reigns

As of March 16 2008.

Rank Wrestler # Of Reigns Combined Days
1.Terry Williams & Sevrena2175+
2.Madd Dawg & Enigma128
Kevin Conner & Colt "The 45" Sykes128
Tommy Creed & Corey Bayne128

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