Event Info

Ashland- Bay Area Civic Center

Dec. 4, 2007

Doors open at 6:00pm

Bell time: 7:00pm


TV Title Finals

30 Min Iron Man

Cameron Williams def Dante "Red" Hook (15:30) stopped early do to Hook couldn't get back on his feet

Score of 3-1

Heavyweight Title

2/3 falls

Cain def Eddie Ellis (11:25)

Fall 1: Cain rolled Ellis (5:20)

Fall 2: Cain tapped from the Reverse Mutilation by Ellis (9:10)

Fall 3: Cain pinned Ellis after Tower power bombed Ellis in the entry way (11:25)

No Limits Title


Adam Leos def David Gage (22:12)

Elimination Match for the Heavyweight Title Shot

Cain def "Godly" Kaleb King, The Virus and Smoke after Tower powerbombing Virus when Jeffery Hammond was knocked out. (9:18)

Elimination Match for the No Limits Title Shot

Adam Leos (5:32)

Order of Elimination:

John Kidman by Adam Leos with the Leobomb (2:25)

Eddie "The Hitman" Anderson by The Green Geezer with Geezer Bomb '59 (4:10)

The Green Geezer by Adam Leos with Lion's Rising Flame (4:54)

Cameron Williams by "Superstar" Shawn Kage with Superstar DDT (5:21)

"Superstar" Shawn Kage by Adam Leos with SSP (5:32)

Elimination Match for the Heavyweight Title Shot

Eddie Ellis def Johnny Orlson and Dante "Red" Hook when Ellis gave Hook package brainbuster DDT (5:25)

Elimination Match for the No Limits Title Shot

David Gage (10:11)

Order of Elimination:

Rize by Murdoch with a power slam (4:25)

Murdoch by David Gage with a shinning Yakuza kick (5:25)

Harry Keller by David Gage with cover after missing locked, cocked and ready (8:25)

Alex James by David Gage with a power bomb (10:11)

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