WWX Final Countdown

['Lay Your Money Down' by the Exies play in the background as footage from all the WWX highlights this year play slowly.]

World Wrestling Xistence presents...


[The cameras open and a giant ball slowly drops to the center of the stage, unleash a massive explosion of pyro to the roars of the crowd. The lights come on as the cameras pan the arena.]

Hart: This is it! Welcome to Louisville Kentucky for the last WWX show of the year! This is Final Coutdown! I'm Mike Hart with Gary Lane and it's time to get this show on the road!

[Cameras turn to The Bomb Squad members TNT, Fuse, Mighty Bomber and the rogue commissioner, Barnett are awaiting at ringside.]

Bonn: The following match is for the WWX Tag Team Titles! In the ring, the challengers: TNT, Fuse, and Mighty Bomber: The Bomb Squad!

["Bullgod" by Kid Rock plays, The Dirty White Boys step through the curtain and pause, looking at the packed house in awe, then walk to the ring slapping fans' hands all the way. They roll under the bottom rope and gets to their feet and wave to the crowd.]

Bonn: And their opponent! They are the WWX Tag Team Champions: The Dirty White Boys!

Lane: Do you think that these two men can hold the tag team titles? I mean, this is only their second Pay-Per-View.

Hart: I don't know, I can't honestly say I care for either of these two teams.

    • Ding…ding…ding* *

Lane: This one is under way and the DWB's go right to work as Stephen catches TNT with a boot to the midsection followed with a quick swinging neck-breaker. He has the advantage and pulls the dazed bomber to his feet.

Hart: Vicious chop, Stephen with the Irish-whip…it' s reversed..and it's Stephen who gets caught with a short clothesline! Stephen up.. and TNT with the madible claw!!

Lane: Stephen with a low blow to break the hold! TNT looks hurt from that! Stephen scooping up TNT, hard bodyslam!. .and a tag to Grant.

Hart: Grant sending TNT into the ropes, connecting with a big clothesline.

Lane: Knee drop from Grant...raising TNT, and delivering a belly to belly...and tagging in Stephen.

Hart: Stephen with an axe handle blow to the back of TNT... Out of nowhere the Hydrogen Bomb!! The cover...



Lane: Grant makes the save!.. TNT had the match won, Slowly Both men are trying to make to their feet... Grant tagged in now.

Hart: TNT up to his feet.. And he catches a kick to face! Grant with the cover!



Hart: My God!! The Mighty Bomber has pulled the referee out of the ring by his feet and sends him down to the floor with a shot to the jaw!! Lane: And Brad Barnett has climbed into the ring and is putting on a referee's shirt! They can't possibly be getting away with this. [Mighty Bomber hops up into the ring and helps TNT and Fuse as they assault the Boys. A hip toss by Grant sends Fuse into the corner, Stephen ducks out a double clothesline by TNT and MB. Stephen spear tackles Mr. Barnett and sends him out of the ring and dumped onto the floor.] Hart: This is insane! Grant hits a standing short leap hurricanrannra on TNT as Stephen Irish-whips Mighty Bomber out over the top rope. Lane: Quite an impressive move for a fat tub of lard! [ Grant and Stephen raise their arms as the crowd cheers.]

    • BAM**

[A small explosion bursts on Grant's back sending him face-first into the mat. Stephen turns and just barely shields his face as a miniature moltov cocktail explodes on his outstretched arms. The force of the blast knocks him over. The camera looks to the ramp to find Satan and the Devil's Army rushing down to ringside. Satan throws a mini-molly at the camera and the feed shortly goes out before another camera picks up the action.] Hart: The Devil's Army has come in from the back but…this is not right! What he hell is going on??? Lane: They are attacking the Dirty White Boys and helping TNT to his feet!

    • THUD**

Hart: My God!! A Hell Driver on Grant right into the center of the ring by Sparky and Demon as Satan pulls TNT on top of him! Sparky is now trying to get Mr. Barnett awake to make the count. Barnett is out cold from hitting his head after being speared out of the ring! Damn it!! It can't happen like this!


[Pyro erupts across the stage followed by "Saturday Night Special" by Lynyrd Skynyrd bursting from the PA as the Road Hogz charge down into the ring. Jack Nife levels first Satan then Demon with clotheslines from hell as Rigg scoops up a chair and tosses it in the face of Sparky, dropping him like a stone. Rigg retrieves the chair and tosses it up to Nife who busts Satan and Demon open with it before choking the life out of Demon with the leg end of the chair.] Lane: I think it may be safe to say that the tag division here in the WWX is a bit unstable. Hart: Rigg is over on the far side and it looks like he has awakened the official. He picks up the referee and rolls him in the ring. [From out of nowhere the Mighty Bomber catches Jack Nife with a senton. Rigg rushes in quickly and drapes Grant's arm over TNT. The ref groggily raises his arm.] 1… … 2… … [Mighty Bomber dives across the ring hitting Grant to break the count. Bomber gets to his feet and nails a series of rights on Rigg, knocking the big man back a few steps. Bomber jumps and catches Rigg square in the chest with a drop-kick sending him into the ropes. MB turns with a smile on his face that quickly disappears as he sees the referee motioning with his arm.]

    • Ding…ding…ding* *

Kyla Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of this match via disqualification. . and still the WWX Tag Team Champions…The Dirty White Boys!!

      • CHEER / BOO***

[A large contingent of security guards rush down to ringside and begin clearing the ring as Grant and Stephen achingly raise their titles in victory.] Hart: I think we have just witnessed the beginning of a war over the Tag Titles. Lane: What the…why would the Bomb Squad and the Devil's Army join forces like that? They hate each other. Hart: I'm sure we will find out soon enough. Everybody has reasons for what they do and most of them involve power and greed.

        • FURY COMMERCIAL** **

Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWX TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

  • CHEER*

Bonn: Introducing first...

  • My Sacrifice hits as B.B. King walks down the ramp when Krimzon Blaze hits King in the back of the head with the Title*
  • CHEER*

Hart: My God! Blaze just took out King with the TV Title!

Lane: No duh! That's why he did it!

  • Blaze picks up King, and throws him into the ring*
  • ding, ding, ding*

Hart: Now this match is underway after that sneak attack by Blaze!

Lane: Destroy that has-been Blaze!

  • Blaze hits King with rights and lefts, then uppercuts King into the corner
  • Blaze then hits a running clothesline in the corner cutting off any room for King to recover*

Lane: Blaze is dismantling King right before our very eyes!

  • Blaze picks up King, uppercuts him again, then throws him against the ropes
  • King comes back to a big Dropkick right in his mouth by Blaze*

Hart: The crowd is roaring for Blaze tonight!

Lane: He deserves it, after the GM and King were in cohoots with one another.

  • Blaze picks up King, kicks him in the back of his shins, King is down on his knees
  • Blaze then runs doing a step-up enzuigiri using King's shoulder to kick King in the face*
  • King is down on the ground, Blaze goes to the top turnbuckle, jumps off...
  • Shooting Star Press Leg Drop!!!!*


Lane: We've got to see that again!!!

  • Replay shows in slow motion Blaze doing a Shooting Star Press then moves his leg right over King's head and connects perfectly*
  • Blaze covers!*

1.. 2.. 2.9 Kick Out!


Lane: That was pure luck!!

  • Blaze is p*ssed at the ref, meanwhile King gets up and hits Blaze in the back of the head with a right*
  • King then hits a headbutt, which affects himself more than Blaze*
  • Blaze then hits King in the stomach with a right*
  • Blaze then drops down away from King, does a flip over, and hits a Pele Kick right on the back of King's head!*

Hart: Another spectacular move there by The Aerial Specialist!

Lane: Why do you think he calls himself that? to attract fans? No, he calls himself that because he provides greatness in every wrestling move he comes up with!

  • Blaze picks up King, who looks almost unconscious, and..
      • Finisher* **



Lane: Its All Over!

  • Blaze covers King!*

1.. 2.. 3!!!

  • Ding, ding, ding*
  • Blaze gets up and retrieves his TV Championship belt*
  • King gets up slowly, only to get another shot by Blaze with his TV Title that he just defended.. King is now busted wide open on his forehead after that shot*

Hart: What a despicable showmanship that Krimzon Blaze has.. he doesn't deserve that title!

Lane: This is wrestling, there is no friends here!

Hart: You may be right, partner..

  • Blaze walks up the ramp holding the TV Title over his head*

Hart: Wait! I understand something is going on in the back!

[Cameras cut to the back where security is trying to hold back Cavanaugh and Wasted Youth, who have already begun fighting. Both men pushes aside security as Youth tackles Cavanaugh through a set of doors and begins throwing punches at his face.]

Lane: Their match isn't until later! What are they thinking?!


[Cameras return just as a bloodied Cavanaugh takes a pipe to Youth's head in the garage area, busting him wide open.]

Hart: Someone stop this!

[Eastin comes from behind and tries to pull back Youth while Falcon tries to pull back Cavanaugh, only for both to get kicked by both men. Cavanaugh hurls Falcon onto a nearby car windshield while Youth suplexes Eastin onto the pavement. Cavanaugh slams Falcon's face onto the glass and turns, looking for the pipe he used, only to see Youth coming at him with it. Cavanaugh ducks just in time, but Youth catches the camera which causes the scene to cut.]

Hart: I'm getting word from WWX management that due to the tonight's scheduled International Title match will not happen.

Lane: It may never happen if Cavanaugh and Wasted Youth can't get control of themselves!

[The cameras stay backstage and fine finds Decimus and Kay9 walking through the receiving area when they happen upon Sick Boy.]

 SB: So I see you bitches decided to turn up. Let me introduce you to my partner. WAR MACHINE DAVIS .

[A huge man comes from off camera.]

Hart: That's Mass Destruction.

[ WMD walks up behind Sick boy and slams a massive fist across his shoulders before flipping him off and walking away. SP lays on the ground groaning.]

Lane : My god he turned on Sick Boy, how could he do that?

[Kay9 looks down at Sick Boy and chuckles.]

Kay9: Boyo I had me a conversation with Mr. McIver and he may be a sheep shagging Scot but he's one tough old bastard and granted yer wish of a match.

[SB starts to get up.

Kay9 grabs his chin and pulls him up.]

Kay9: Unfortunately for you, it's a street fight and it starts now.

[Kay9 whips SB right into a big clothesline from Decimus.

They both start stomping SB as a Ref watches on.

Decimus pulls SB up and hits the Decimator (torture rack piledriver) onto the concrete.

Kay9 pulls SB, now bleeding profusely from his head and hits the Doggbuster (jackhammer) on SB.

Decimus and Kay9 each put a foot on SB's chest.


Kay9: I'm the master of the Doggbuster, and No one gets up from that.

Decimus: Maybe this is Macedonia . {He looks at Kay9} He looks dead.

[The two men walk away laughing as medics rush in.]


Hart: Ladies and gentlemen, what a night it has been so far. But things are only getting…

["Master of Puppets" bursts from the arena speakers and the lights slightly dim as Steve Cuthbert steps out onto the stage. He walks down the ramp and converses with Kyla Bonn briefly before she hands over her microphone to him.]

Cuthbert: Welcome one and all to the Triple A Championship match!

    • CHEER**

Cuthbert: Over the last several weeks it had been tasked to me to have things set up for this historic event. I tried and tried to justify having this event here within this arena and possibly in that very ring. But the good boys upstairs who handle our legal matters reminded me of the potential lawsuits should an audience member get glass in an unwanted place on their person. So we have found an alternate location for this match.

Cuthbert: The final AAA Title match of the year will be held in a historic location…the parking garage which is under construction directly across the street from McCloud's Dime and Dash! As promised this match will fall under the stipulation set by the champion as a light-tube match. However…there will be a few added ideas thrown into the mix. There is already minimal lighting in the three story garage and the light tubes not lighting the facility will be very hard to find. In order to cover their opponent for the final winning pinfall the opponent must have suffered having four light tubes shattered over them.

    • CHEER**

Hart: Just listen to this bloodthirsty crowd.

Lane: Isn't it great!?

Cuthbert: And one final bit of information…there are two wild cards. Two men who are also in contendership for the Triple-A title will be inside the garage and their job is to not let either of you win. So good luck Adora and Egotripp…you' re gonna need it.

[The Tron crackles to life and shows split screens. The footage of both sides show entrances leading into the downtown parking garage.]

["Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu hits while in the arena lights go dim, a ball of fire erupts at the entrance ramp, as fire jets from the ring posts. A second and third Tron are lowered from triangulative angles in the arena from the ceiling showing the same footage as the main Tron.]

Back and forth the struggle consumes us all Trying to keep a level head In the most unsettling of times Today I'll become the bull

[Egotripp steps through the entrance from the street level, a referee in dark blue ref uniform beside him.] Lane: It looks as if the Cocky One is going to have to work his way uphill.

Hart: The Champion gets the downhill advantage. My word that place is dark.

[Spitfire by The Prodigy hits on the PA as the lights flare to brilliant white. Adora Cruz steps in through the entrance near the rooftop followed also by a referee in dark clothing. She holds her Louisville Slugger in one hand slung over her shoulder and her Race for the Case briefcase in the other. She sets both down near the entranceway and climbs up on a car reaching for the nearest light fixture.]

    • Ding…ding…ding* *

[Both referees get the signal via walkie-talkie and inform the opponents of the match commencement. Adora Cruz pulls the light tube from its base and the area becomes dark.]

[Egotripp creeps quietly along the side wall of the garage beside a series of mini-vans. He crouches down as he comes to a sedan size vehicle and crouches slowly along like a waddling duck then stops abruptly as two lights on the far side of the level burst and go out.]

[Adora walks over to the next su-area on the top level, climbs onto the hood of another car and reaches for the light tube. She pulls it from the fixture and just has enough sense to duck out of the way as a blurring object sails past her head. The lights dim, only the small source of light from the far sub-area of the top floor illuminating the scene but there is enough light for the audience to see that the object that sailed past Adora's head was a large cinder block. The block smashes into the wall behind her as Adora abandons the light tubes and dives behind the vehicle for safety.]

Voice: Is no use hiding. Boss not let Decimus take title today. But you not be in any shape to defend next week after I done.

[Egotripp stalks past an even smaller car when the light in the sub area he's in bursts and goes out leaving the entire bottom level in darkness. Egotripp waits for his eyes to adjust to light as he sits patiently next to the vehicle. The camera goes to infrared as Egotripp begins looking around and sniffing at the air. Suddeny Egotripp is lurched up off the ground and the camera catches sight of a man dragging Egotripp by a cable wrapped around Tripp's throat. The man slings Ego into the side of the van. Ego kicks him in the groin out of reaction and the man stumbles momentarily. The camera catches sight of his face showing him to be A.J. Hawk. Hawk leaps back to his feet and begins slamming fist after fist down on Egotripp's back. Hawk hooks Tripp's head under one arm and falls back hitting a DDT onto the hood of the sedan.]

[Adora Cruz reaches under the back end of a nearby car and pries at something until a clang is heard.]

Decimus: Now you I have.

[The massive figure of Adora's hunter leaps through the air landing practically on top of her. Decimus lifts Adora from her hiding place and presses her by her throat against the side of an SUV. He holds a tight grip on her as he begins to laugh.]

Decimus: If this were Macedonia you wouldn't be dead. But you would wish for it. Even under rags and no hair you still have woman parts.

Adora: And you have man parts.

[As soon as she speaks she heaves her hand toward him and strikes his groin with a sickening thud. Decimus doubles over and presses his face to the ground in pain.]

[Adora steps more into the light showing a tailpipe in her hand. She drops the pipe on the floor and scoops the two light tubes from the top of the car then dashes toward the exit ramp.]

[AJ Hawk pulls Egotripp up off the hood of the car, blood begins to trickle down Tripp's face. Hawk looks over at the window of the van and smiles menacingly. He grabs the back of Tripp's head and attempts to ram Tripp into the window but Ego blocks. One more try by hawk and one more block by Tripp. Egotripp nails a right elbow square into Hawk's face causing him to stumble back. Hawk clutches at his face, regains his composure and pulls his hands from his eyes and nose. He looks around but Egotripp is nowhere in sight. He spins around in all directions but without sign of his prey. He just looks up when…]

    • WHAM** **SMASH**

[Egotripp executed a diving drop-kick from off of the roof of the van sending Hawk into and through the window of the sedan. Tripp drags Hawk out of the window and flops him onto the floor. He once again begins to carefully stalk toward the end of the level toward the up- ramp.]

[Adora rounds the corner leading down to the middle level when she stops. On the floor in front of her is a box about 4 feet long. She looks around sensing an ambush, but sees nothing. Carefully she walks toward the box, her eyes darting around. She picks up the boxes and pulls out two light-tubes to match the two she already has stuffed down the back of her sweatshirt. Then the light above her pops from something striking it and the area goes dark.]

[Egotripp walks up into the middle level and stops as he realizes that this is the area being repaired. There is no light fixtures or even emergency lamps. Before him are plastic sheets hanging from the ceiling. Egotripp steps through the plastic curtain into an area filled with cinder blocks, sawhorses and on the far end one lone van with ladders on top. Egotripp walks about 15 feet across the level when the lights of the van turn on and the engine cranks up.]

[Adora Cruz walks down to the middle level and stops dead in her tracks as she watches her opponent, Egotripp, running for his life as he is chased by a white van.]

    • PA-POP** **PA-POP**

[Adora is beaten down, her own light tubes smashed against her body as someone rushes her from behind, hitting her with a baseball bat. Her own…baseball bat. Her assailant dodges out of Adora's reach as Adora attempts a Russian leg sweep. Her attacker dashes right in again and slams the baseball bat right into Adora's right ribs sending her sprawling across the pavement.] Woman's voice: I remember almost a year ago I had the opportunity of watching the legendary Adora Cruz in a match that I had never before even heard of. Funny how I now have the opportunity to nearly recreate that match.

[Egotripp picks up a burst of speed as he rounds the turn, the van just a few feet behind him. Egotripp is panting heavily as if his lungs are about to explode. The van's wheels begin to screech and grind into the pavement to maintain traction and react to the sharp turn. The driver loses control and the van slams into the wall of the garage sending glass flying in every direction.]

[The woman sets up two sawtables a few feet apart and then slides a sheet of glass on top of them. She straddles over Adora and slams the end of Adora's own Louiville into her gut three times. The woman pulls the Triple-A champion up, drops the bat and thrusts Adora's head under her arm. She swings Adora's body u overhead and tips back suplexing Adora onto the glass table.]

    • The Crowd Gasps in Shock**

[The woman stands over the fallen body of Adora for a few seconds then simply walks off leaving Adora outstretched on the remains of the glass tableand her baseball bat in a pile of cinder blocks.]

[Several minutes go by before Egotripp finally slides his exhausted body over to the wall to catch his breath. Adora begins to stir atop the wire and glass of the table. She gently slides herself off the makeshift table and scoops up her baseball bat. She catches sight of her opponent sitting against the wall within the light of the one remaining headlight of the van. She stops momentarily…somethin g catching her attention in the corner of her eye. A smile begins to appear through the blood dripping down past her cheeks.]

[Egotripp crouches against the wall when Adora rushes at him catching him across the body with a light tube. He shields his eyes and slinks away which gives her opportunity to assault him with another of the light tubes she found stacked against the wall on the far side of the level. Egotripp regains his composure and tackles Adora to the floor. She rolls away and disappears back into the dark only to rush back seconds later striking him with two more light tubes over his head. Egotripp has bleeding from multiple wounds on his scalp and can barely see from the blood pouring down over his eyebrows and face. Adora grabs hold of him, puts him into an arm-bar and swings him face-first into the wall. She presses his head into the wall and begins striking the back of hi neck with her elbow before EgoTripp instinctively jumps up and kicks off the wall sending both himself and Cruz into the front end of the wrecked van.]

[Both competitors lie motionless as the two referees appear in the light and begin to count both out.]

1… 2… 3… 4.. 5… [Adora begins to stir] 6… 7…

[Egotripp has one eye open through the already drying blood on his eyelashes.]


[Egotripp rolls over to his side as Adora begins to sit herself up. Both cometitiors get to their knees.


[Both are to their feet and can barely stand as they try to focus in on each other.]

[Adora rushes at Egotripp to take his head off with a clothesline…

Egotripp ducks under her arm which grazes the top of his hair. He turns around as se swings to recover. Egotripp cracks hard right into Adora's jaw stunning her… Adora tries to shake the cobwebs as EgoTripp dashes toward her.]

    • WHAM**

[Egotripp hits the Bad Tripp (Running Bulldog Piledriver) on Adora and both are down.]

[Egotripp drapes an arm over Adora and the ref drops to make the count…]

1… … 2… … 3!!!

[Pyro erupts across the stage and from all three Trons as "Becoming the Bull" hits on the speakers and the crowd bursts out in cheers.]

Hart: He did it!! We have a new Triple-A Champion folks.

Lane: I just knew he would do it! My God! Have you ever seen that much outside interference in a match before?

Hart: Well, it is the Triple-A title. But outside interference didn't dictate the day. The era of Ego is here and Adora Cruz put up a good fight as well. We have to cut to a commercial break but we will be right back after these messages.

[The referees hand the Triple-A title to a bloody Egotripp as emergency lights come on and EMT's rush on scene. The footage goes to commercial as the camera catches Egotripp kissing the AAA Title with his blood covered lips.]

        • Fury Commercial** **

Lane: This next match has been building up for quite some time.

Hart: I'll say. For two months now, one of these two men has been simply wreaking havoc on the WWX. That is, of course, until he came face to face with the one man who would stand tall against him. Take a look.

"Halloween" by Tyler Bates starts to play as a montage of Halloween attacking people without remorse and without reason, simply destroying superstar after superstar. The music stops and becomes much more dramatic as the footage turns to Halloween attacking the Lost Soul. Lost Soul keeps getting up after every attack. The footage shows Halloween wreak havoc at the Entombment match. Halloween is next seen attacking Reinhardt from behind, busting the back and front of his head open, then locking him in a dumpster and lighting it on fire. Halloween and Lost Soul confront one another one final time, Halloween sending Lost Soul off the top of the Entry way with the Hallowed Slam.

The lights go out as "Low Man's Lyric" begins to play. The fans erupt, cheering their hero. A pale blue spot fades in on The Lost soul wearing his Druids Robe.

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Sagwon, Alaska, weighing in at 275 pounds, the Lost Soul!

      • CHEER***

He walks to the ring with Low Man's Lyric playing. He steps over the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring, watching the entry way. The lights go out again and the arena is filled with a blood curdling scream. The intro to "Halloween" starts to play. Halloween: "You should have stayed down, Soul. You should have just let him think he destroyed you. But instead, you decided to fight him. You decided to stay in the way. You have brought this upon you. And now, your doom has come. You are not prepared."

"Halloween" by Tyler Bates starts to play as the lights return, blood red in color. Halloween appears, walking down the ramp. He carries a long thick metal chain, dragging it behind him.

Hart: Wait a minute, he can't bring that to the ring, can he?

Lane: Are you gonna stop him? I don't even think the referee is going to stop him.

Halloween slides under the bottom rope and pulls the chain in with him. He drapes it over one of the turnbuckles and turns to look at the Lost Soul. Soul glares at the larger man. The bell rings and Soul starts to circle. Halloween walks over to him. Soul tries to lock up with Halloween, but Halloween throws him across the ring. Halloween rushes Soul and kicks him in the ribs before Soul can stand up.

      • Boo***

Hart: A brutal start to the match here.

Lane: I wasn't expecting an assault like this.

Halloween kicks him again, and again. The ref tries to get between the two, but Halloween throws the ref away. Soul stands up and starts pounding away at Halloween, causing him to take a few steps back.

      • Cheer***

Halloween grabs Soul by the head and lands a massive headbutt, sending Soul back to the mat.

      • Boo***

Hart: A vicious headbutt by Halloween. Lane: This is looking very one sided right now.

Halloween grabs Soul by the hair. Ref: Watch the hair. Halloween shoots his glare over at the Ref. Soul starts hitting Halloween with lefts and rights to the midsection.

      • Cheer***

Soul stands up and starts hammering away at Halloween's face.

Hart: Here's the comeback!

Halloween lands a clubbing forearm, sending Soul stumbling across the ring.

Lane: So much for the comeback.

Halloween grabs Soul by the leg and lifts him into the air, dropping Soul down on his knee, hard.

      • Boo***

Halloween starts stomping on his knee. Halloween then grabs Soul by the head and lifts him up again. Soul breaks the hold and starts hammering away again.

    • Cheer***

Soul kicks Halloween in the gut. Halloween steps forward and clotheslines Lost Soul.

Hart: Nothing phases the man tonight. Lane: This is shocking. It's been a while since I've seen Soul go against someone this unstoppable.

Lost Soul sits up. Halloween cocks his head to the side and rushes Soul, kicking him in the back. Halloween follows up with four more kicks to Soul's lower back. Halloween quickly reaches down and lifts Soul to his feet.

Hart: A sudden burst of speed from Halloween. Lane: How'd he move so fast?

Halloween grabs Soul by the neck and shoves him over the top rope and to the outside.

Ref: Hey! Get him back in the ring!

Halloween shoves the ref away and steps over the top rope and to the outside. Halloween grabs Soul and lifts him up, holding Soul across his chest. Halloween rushes forward and slams Soul into the ringpost.

      • Oohh***
      • Boo***

Hart: What an assault.

Halloween looks around at the booing fans. Soul slowly stands up and rushes Halloween, spearing him into the announce table. Halloween seems stunned. Soul begins another assault on Halloween, taking advantage of the situation. Halloween pushes Soul away.

Lane: Was he even hurt? Hart: I can't tell.

Soul rushes in again. Halloween raises his leg up and hits a big boot. Soul falls to the ground. Halloween walks up to Soul and hits a leg drop across his neck. The ref continues shouting at the two of them to get back in the ring. Halloween reaches down and grabs Soul by the neck. Halloween stands Soul up and lifts him by the neck.

Hart: What the? Lane: No, keep away!

Halloween moves to the announce table and chokeslams Soul through the table, destroying it.

      • Oohh***
      • Boo***

Hart: Halloween just destroyed the Lost Soul and our announce table.

Lost Soul is hammering away at Halloween. Halloween continues to appear unphased. Soul ties up with Halloween, lifting him up. Soul attempts to hit the Epiphany.

      • Cheer***

Hart: Here it comes! Lane: Don't be so sure.

Soul gets Halloween about half way up. Halloween falls back to his feet. Halloween reverses and sets Soul up for the Trick-Or-Treat( Tombstone Piledriver).

      • BOO***

Halloween raises up and lands the Trick-Or-Treat. Halloween goes for a pin. 1… 2… Kickout.

      • Cheer***

Hart: Soul continues to resist the onslaught of Halloween. Lane: I don't think there's any way for Soul to defeat this monster.

Halloween whips Soul into the corner. Halloween rushes in to attack him. Soul ducks and Halloween connects with the turnbuckle.

      • Cheer***

Halloween slowly turns around and Soul hefts him up. Soul slowly climbs up to the second turnbuckle.

Hart: Here it comes! Lane: Is this gonna end it now!?

Lost Soul connects with the Revelation.

      • Cheer***

Lane: The Revelation!

Soul covers. 1… 2… Halloween tosses Soul off, as though it was no trouble at all.

Hart: Soul can't believe it. Nothing can stop this guy! Lane: This is unheard of. I haven't seen someone take it to Soul like this in a long time.

Lane: When will this match end!?

Soul and Halloween continue to trade blows, back and forth. Halloween catches Soul by the throat. Halloween hits the Trick(Chokeslam) . Soul quickly sits up.

      • CHEER***

Hart: It's not over yet!

Halloween grabs Soul by the head and kicks him in the gut. Halloween hits the Treat(Super Powerbomb). Soul sits up again.

      • CHEER***

Lane: Halloween can't believe it!

Soul starts to stand up. Halloween quickly grabs him and hits the Trick-Or-Treat. Soul lays on the mat for a moment before sitting up.

Lane: Uh oh. I think Soul is starting to wear down. Hart: You don't think this is… is that Halloween's Strategy? To hit Soul with everything he's got till the King of Ghouls finally can't continue?

Soul slowly gets to his feet. Halloween rushes the ropes. Halloween comes off the ropes and hits Soul with a running Yakuza Kick. Soul falls to the mat, limp. Halloween looks down at Soul. Soul slowly sits up again.

Lane: I think you might be right. How else can you defeat the Lost Soul?

Halloween waits for Soul to stand up. Halloween grabs Soul by the arm, tucking it between Soul's legs. Halloween steps behind Soul and hits…

Hart: Oh no. Lane: The Hallowed Slam!(Pumphandle Fallaway Slam)

Halloween looks down at Soul. Soul doesn't stir. Halloween places his hands on Soul's chest, holding him down.

1… 2… 3.

      • BOO***

Hart: It finally happened.

"Halloween" by Tyler Bates begins to play as the lights turn to Blood Red.

      • BOO***

Bonn: Here is your winner… Halloween.

The crowd continues to boo, some people even throwing things into the ring at him. Halloween climbs out of the ring and walks up the ramp. The Lost Soul suddenly sits up in the ring and Halloween stops at the top of the ramp. Halloween turns to look at the Lost Soul. Soul slowly gets to his feet.

      • CHEER***

Soul looks up at Halloween, appearing very angry.

      • Lost Soul! Lost Soul! Lost Soul! Lost Soul!***

Halloween starts making his way back to the ring when the ramp erupts in fire in front of him. Halloween doesn't flinch and walks right through it, his costume in flames. There's a sudden flash of lightning that hits the entry way and the lights go out. The flames on Halloween are the only light in the arena. There's a clap of thunder and it starts raining in the arena. Halloween's flames go out as the lights come up dark blue. Lost Soul is now at the top of the ramp looking down at Halloween. Halloween turns to face him and starts moving up the ramp, towards Soul. The rain stops and the lights go out. When the lights come back up, Lost Soul is gone and Halloween is standing alone on the ramp. He looks back and forth, looking to the ring and up to the ramp, but there's no sign of Lost Soul.

Hart: I don't think this hellish feud is over...not by a long shot


Hart: What a night it has been. Lane: We haven't seen this much action in a long time and it's time for the culmination of the night.

Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWX World Wrestling Championship!

      • CHEER***

Bonn: Introducing first standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 369 lbs, he hails from Hell, Michigan… THE EXTREME NIGHTMARE, RICK DREAMIE!

[Killing in The Name starts up, the red lights obey the music, fading as each chord fades, renewing their light as the next begins. Rick comes out. The lights speed up in time with the music. Rick walks to the ring and pauses to test the integrity of the cell.]

Hart: Dreamie probably looking for a way for his brother to get into the ring.

[Satisfied, Rick enters the cell and climbs into the ring.]

Lane: Rick has the chance to become the nine time WWX World Wrestling Champion tonight.

Hart: That's only if he can find a way to cheat.

Bonn: His opponent, stands 7 feet 2 inches and weighs in at 389 lbs and hails from Berlin, Germany. He is THE GERMAN DINOSAUR, RHEINHARDT!! !

      • CHEER****

[The lights go out.... very quietly music begins to play... its volume slowly stats to increase.

      • ICH WILL***

Suddenly, the crowd erupts with excitement as a Huge figure is outlined by the billowing German Flag on screen. Next to the figure another silhouette can be made out, only much smaller… possibly feminine... still, the lights stay out...

      • ICH WILL***

      • ICH WILL***

A drumbeat suddenly builds and the Bass blares to life, as brilliant white fireworks explode around the entranceway, the lights suddenly burst back to life, showing Rheinhardt standing on the stage with Nemi next to him, The WWX world champion holds the title in both hands before thrusting bis arms into the air, displaying the gold to the entire arena. A huge cheer echoes throughout the arena.

Ich will dass ihr mir vertraut Ich will dass ihr mir glaubt Ich will eure Blicke spuren Ich will jeden Herzschlag kontrollieren

Ich will eure Stimmen horen Ich will die Ruhe storen Ich will dass ihr mich gut seht Ich will dass ihr mich versteht

Ich will eure Phantasie Ich will eure Energie Ich will eure Hande sehen Ich will in Beifall untergehen

Nemi, dressed in a Tartan micro skirt and a Nemi special addition tank top reading 'Little Miss Bitchy' which she appears to be struggling to stay in, begins to lead her man to the ring. Rheinhardt lowers his arms and throws the title confidently over his shoulder, as he follows his girlfriend and manager.

Seht ihr mich? Versteht ihr mich? Fuhlt ihr mich? Hort ihr mich? Konnt ihr mich horen? Wir horen dich Konnt ihr mich sehen? Wir sehen dich Konnt ihr mich fuhlen? Wir fuhlen dich Ich versteh euch nicht

Ich will

Wir wollen dass ihr uns vertraut Wir wollen dass ihr uns alles glaubt Wir wollen eure Hande sehen Wir wollen in Beifall untergehen - ja

Rheinhardt stalks to the ring, his attention focused on the ring, his eyes even behind his Jaeger shades locked on Rick Dreamie. He reaches ringside, and once again holds the WWX World championship up, as more fireworks explode around the ring. He the title to the ref, and checks his silver knee and elbow pads. He quickly runs his thumbs around the waistline of his shorts, and gives Nemi a kiss on the cheek, his eyes staying locked on Dreamie.

Konnt ihr mich horen? Wir horen dich Konnt ihr mich sehen? Wir sehen dich Konnt ihr mich fuhlen? Wir fuhlen dich Ich versteh euch nicht

Konnt ihr uns horen? Wir horen euch Konnt ihr uns sehen? Wir sehen euch Konnt ihr uns fuhlen? Wir fuhlen euch Wir verstehen euch nicht

Rheinhardt cracks his neck, before removing his Shades, and powerfully charging up the steel steps and entering the ring.]

Hart: A true champion's entrance.

[Rheinhardt walks right up to Rick staring at him. The cell door is shut and Rick lays into Rheinhardt with clenched fists rocking the big German back to the ropes.]

Lane: Anything goes inside the steel and Rick knows it. Hart: So does Rheinhardt.

[Rick runs to the far ropes, rebounds...]

Hart: Rheinhardt just low-bridged Dreamie sending him flying over the top rope and into the cell wall.

      • CHEER***

[Rheinhardt climbs out onto the apron and drops down driving his knee into the back of a rising Dreamie. Rick crumples. Rheinhardt pulls Rick up and whips him towards the steel steps. Rick plants his foot and sends Rheinhardt powering, shoulder first into the steel.]

      • CLANG***

Lane: Rheinhardt just went shoulder first into those steel steps. Hart: But he's right back up.

[Rheinhardt gets to his feet. Rick jumps up onto the apron and charges catching Rheinhardt with a modified bulldog across the lower step section.

      • BOOO***

Rick lays on the ground clutching his lower back. Nemi is pounding on the Cell wall for Rheinhardt to get up.]

Lane: She's going to pop out of her top if she's not careful. KEEP BOUNCING NEMI!! Hart: Shut up.

[Rick gets slowly to his feet and grabs the top half of the steps. He raises them up and turns. He is met with a big boot from the German Dinosaur, blood dripping down his face. The steel is driven into Rick's face as he falls. Rheinhardt kicks the steps off of Rick and pulls him up. Rheinhardt gorilla presses Rick up and presses him up and down a few times before hurling him over the top rope into the ring.]

      • CHEER***

Hart: Rheinhardt making a show of his power. We should let the fans at home know that earlier today Mr. McIver stated that this match must end by Pinfall or submission.

[Rheinhardt climbs into the ring.]

Hart: Dreamie is starting to recover… OH what a knee lift to the face, sending Dreamie down. Rheinhardt with the cover.

      • CHEER***


      • BOOO***

Lane: Kickout by Dreamie, Rick still has fight in him.

[Rheinhardt gets to his feet and pulls Rick up. Rick drops right to his knees and low blows Rheinhardt.

      • BOOO***

Rick gets to his feet as Rheinhardt drops to his knees clutching his groin. Rick kicks Rheinhardt in the side of the head.

      • BOOO***

Rick climbs from the ring and moves to the cell door yelling for the ref to open it.]

Hart: I guess Rick didn't get the memo about escape not being an option. [The ref moves in telling Rick no. Rick reaches through the gap of the door and grabs the ref pulling him against the door. He fishes for the keys. Nemi runs around the ring, jumps up onto the guard rail, runs along it and leaps hitting a spinning heel kick crushing Rick's arm against the steel door of the cage. The ref falls back as does Rick clutching his arm.]

      • CHEER***

Lane: GET HER OUT OF HERE! Hart: What's wrong Lane? Anything goes in the cell. Lane: She isn't in the cell.

[Rheinhardt rolls from the ring as Rick regains his feet holding his elbow. Rheinhardt tackles Rick from behind driving him into the steel door frame. The hinges groan as Rick bellows in pain.]

Hart: The German Dinosaur smells blood in the water and it's not his own.

[Rheinhardt grabs Rick's right wrist and yanks, pulling Rick right into him, driving his shoulder into Rick's shoulder. Rick drops to one knee. Rheinhardt pulls him up and drives his shoulder into Rick's again. Rheinhardt hefts Rick up on his shoulder and drives him shoulder first into the door which bursts off its hinges.]

      • CHEER***

Lane: I knew Rheinhardt couldn't keep this in the cell.

[Rick crawls up the ramp away from the cell. Rheinhardt follows.

      • BOOO***]

Hart: It's Scott Dreamie!

[Scott charges from the back towards the German Dinosaur stalking his brother. Rheinhardt sidesteps and catches Scott with a drop toe hold that drives him face first onto the ramp.]

      • CHEER***

Hart: Did you hear that sickening noise? Skull on steel is never good.

[Rheinhardt bellows and turns just as Rick lunges chop blocking the big German.]


[Rick helps Scott to his feet and they begin to stomp at Rheinhardt's left knee. Nemi grabs a chair from the crowd and charges Scott.]

Hart: Here comes Nemi.

[Scott catches the chair with a superkick. Nemi manages to duck at the last possible second avoiding contact but the chair flys and bounces off the cage. Rick drops a knee to Rheinhardt's face. Scott turns towards Nemi.]

Lane: Show her, her place Scott.

[Nemi kicks at Scott. Scott catches the kick, grabs Nemi by the throat and drives her first into the cell wall then the floor.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: That NO GO BA%*$#D!

[Rick slaps his brother on the back. They turn back to find Rheinhardt regaining his feet. They charge Rheinhardt who bellows at seeing Nemi on the floor. Rheinhardt goes for a double clothesline but only catches Scott as Rick ducks.

      • CHEER, BOOO***

Rheinhardt's momentum carries him to the cell. He turns to see Rick running at him. Rick splashes Rheinhardt into the side of the cell.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: Everybody is down. Lane: Rick orchestrated a fantastic plan.

[Rick is the first one to stir. He gets to his feet slowly, followed by Rheinhardt. Rick lands a right. Rheinhardt answers with a right and a headbutt.]

      • CHEER***

[Rheinhardt grabs Rick and lifts him up for a vertical suplex.]


      • CHEER***

[Rheinhardt twists Rick in mid air into last ride position, the set up for the Berlin Wall.]

Lane: NOOOOO!!!

[Rheinhardt bellows. Rick grabs the cage wall and pulls himself free of the big German's grip.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: Look at that coward climb. Lane: Rick isn't a coward, he just needs a breather. Hart: And climbing the 15 ft high cell will give him a breather? Lane: Um… Of course.

[Rheinhardt grabs the cell wall and shakes it trying to make Rick fall. Rick clings to the wall for dear life as the whole structure shudders under the attack of the German Dinosaur.]

Lane: And Scott is back up.

[Scott charges Rheinhardt from behind. Rheinhardt side steps sending Scott face first into the vertical support, busting him open. The cell shudders with the impact but Rick manages to make it up on the roof. Medics rush to tend to Scott and Nemi. Nemi just shoves them away and yells at Rheinhardt.]

Nemi: I'm fine, GO GET HIM!

[Rheinhardt climbs the cell wall. Rick paces on the roof catching his breath. Rheinhardt reaches the top, a massive arm reaching onto the roof. Rick stomps the arm. Rheinhardt recoils hanging on with his other hand. Rick moves to stomp that arm.]

Hart: Rheinhardt in trouble here. Lane: Rick knows what he's doing.

[Rheinhardt catches Rick's leg knocking him off balance. As Rick scrambles to get to his feet Rheinhardt pulls himself onto the cell roof. Rick kicks Rheinhardt in the ribs.

      • BOOO***

Rheinhardt rolls dangerously close to the edge.]

Lane: FALL!

[Rick hits an elbow drop on Rheinhardt. Rick grabs a cross brace and puts his feet on Rheinhardt's ribs and pushes. Rheinhardt clings to the cage roof refusing to budge.]

Hart: Rheinhardt isn't going anywhere.


[Rick releases pressure. Both men are up. They move around the roof, the wire mesh bending with their combined weight. Collar and elbow tie up. Rick forces Rheinhardt back a few steps. Rheinhardt hits a quick knee to the gut.]

Lane: NO! Hart: HE WOULDN'T!!!

[Rheinhardt lifts Rick up for the Berlin Wall and turns to drive him to the floor then turns again and drives Rick through the cell roof with the Berlin Wall (vertical suplex into Last Ride kneeling powerbomb). Rick crashes to the ring below as Rheinhardt lands on his knees on the cell roof.]



[Rheinhardt stands and bellows out loud then jumps through the hole landing a 15 ft high leg drop across the fallen Rick's chest. Rheinhardt covers. 1…2…3…]

      • CHEER***
      • Ding, ding, ding***


Hart: Rheinhardt has done it, he's retained his title.

[The ref brings in the World Title to Rheinhardt as medics rush to Rick's aid. Nemi comes in to celebrate. Rheinhardt raises the title above his head. "SEMPER FI!" is shouted over the PA.]

Lane: What?

[A rope falls through the hole in the roof from the rafters. A man dressed in black BDUs and assault gear fast ropes down. Rheinhardt shoves Nemi out of the way at the last second as the man crashes down onto the champ.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: Who is that?

[Nemi charges the man but is hit with a stiff chop sending her down. The man stomps on Rheinhardt with his combat boots.

      • BOOO***

He kicks Rheinhardt in the back of the neck. He pulls off his helmet and face mask to reveal…]


[Sanders slams the Kevlar helmet down on the back of Rheinhardt's neck before grabbing the WWX WORLD TITLE.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: Corporal Sanders has just taken out the Champ.

[Sanders stands and holds the Title high. The PA crackles to life.

      • stomp, stomp***

Yo Ho Haul Together, Hoist The Colors High. A single spot illuminates the top of the ramp, a 6 pound naval cannon rolls into the light, it's fuse smoking.]

Lane: RUN!

[Sanders turns to face the ramp. Heave Ho Thieves And Beggars, Never Shall We Die!!

      • BOOOM***

The cannon goes off.

      • BOOOM***

There is a terrific explosion above the cell as the round explodes. The cell collapses the hole in the ceiling falling around Sanders, Rheinhardt and Nemi. Sanders stares up at the Tron where a moldy jolly roger waves.]

.=========== ========= =======. © WWX - 2007 C O U N T D O W N `=========== ========= =======.

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