Flying Brian Flynn
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Flying Brian Flynn]]
Real name Brian Jones
Ring Names F.B.F.
Height 5'10
Weight 235 Ibs
Date of birth 28th December 1976
Place of birth Swords, Ireland
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Resides Swords, Ireland
Billed from Swords, Ireland
Trainer Omega
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Flying Brian or F.B.F. as he is usually known is a long time Indy wrestler who has done all he can do on the regular indy scene. Before he became a wrestler he was a celebrity bodyguard. FBF wears a Green with gold tinted knee length trunks & gold tinted boots, he wears no shirt. His hair is short & dark Brown his eyes are green. He has no scars or anything similar.

Entrance Music

If you want Blood...AC/DC

Signature and Finishing Moves

Signature Move(s) Dangerous DDT 450 splash straight martial arts kick martial arts throat punch body slam & standing moonsault combo Finishing Move(s) (The) FBF drop, top rope bomb like drop. FBF lock, combined Leg Neck grapevine submission

Title History

Held Various indy titles, no major promotions titles.


FBF is 32 years young.

FBF hails from Ireland but only stays there when he is not working.

FBF considers D'lo Brown to be his mentor.

& Finally FBF was trained by Mike Rotunda

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