Frankie K. Young
Kidman 2
Real name Franklin Terrance Rogers
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6'2"
Weight 235lbs
Date of birth 17th June 1984
Place of birth Los Angeles, California
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Hollywood, California
Trainer "Primo" Edward Stackhouse

Handled by N/A
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Debut June 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}


Without a doubt one of the most charismatic and limit-breaking superstars on the scene, Franklin Terrance Rogers, better known by his ring name Frankie K. Young, strives to entertain E-fed fans all across the world with his unique style both inside the ring and on the microphone.

Early career

The former "Stuntman of the Year" started his career off as the loud-mouth professional wrestler at 2WWF and a singing sensation with partner Mikey Heartbreak as one half of the boyband "The Heartbreak Boyz". And during his term with the tag-team, he has picked up two of the company's most prestigious titles, the 2WWF Internet Champion and the 2WWF Pure Championship. He also held the trophy for rivalry of the year with his arch-nemesis Ace Acid.

After months and months of receiving high receptions in his matches, Frankie's hunger for the main spotlight grew more. And in doing so, his partner, the current 2WWF World Champion Mikey Heartbreak, became jealous of him getting more attention and began to put him down. As a result, Young broke away from the shadow of Mikey Heartbreak and transformed into a "one man army". It would be weeks later that Young would face Heartbreak in an Extreme rules match and defeat him, something many have failed to do. Thus, winning himself his first and only 2WWF World Championship and marking his name in 2WWF history as the first ever 2WWF Triple Crown Champion.

Frankie would go on to win the World title three more times, once again solidifying his name in history as the first ever 3-time world champion.


Mega Pop (Shining Wizard)
Pop-Star Splash (Shooting-Star Press)
Academic Driver (Flipping Piledriver/Canadian Destroyer)
Hollywood-Lights Splash (Stinger Splash)
Abra-Ka Kick (Roundhouse Kick)
Majestic Illusion (630 splash)
Show-Steala (630 Corkscrew Elbow Drop)
Encore (Modified VanDaminator)
Double Stomp
Flying Forearm Smash


2WWF Match of the Year 2006: Crosswired - Heartbreak Boyz vs Thunder & Sentinel
2WWF Rivalry of the Year 2006: Frankie K. Young VS. Ace Acid
2WWF Internet Champion, 2WWF Pure Champion, 2WWF World Champion, 2WWF tag team champion, first ever 2WWF Triple Crown Champion, 2WWF Quadruple champion
2003-2004 Stuntman of the Year

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