Fred Debonair (born January 31st, 1980) is an American professional wrestler currently working in the Fearless Championship Wrestling.


Fearless Championship Wrestling

In Wrestling

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • Forces of Fred (Modified Boston Crab)
  • End of Days (Face First Shoulder Mounted Powerbomb)
    • Pump Handle Slam
    • Suicide Plancha
    • Spinning DDT
    • Powerbomb
    • Super Hurricanrana

Entrance Music

  • "No Sorrow" by Linkin Park was the first entrance music used by Debonair
  • "Money" by Pink Floyd is Fred's current entrance music

Championships & Accomplishments


  • Fred Debonair has held the RWF World Heavyweight Championship the most times of any other competitor
  • Fred Debonair won the RWF Hard-To-The-Core Championship in his debut
  • Fred Debonair was the quickest to ever win the RWF World Heavyweight Championship
  • Fred Debonair was the youngest RWF World Heavyweight Champion
  • Fred Debonair ended the undefeated streak, in FcW, of John Cavanagh

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