Frontier Championship Wrestling
Federation Name Frontier Championship Wrestling
Abbreviation FCW
Shows Warzone Click Here
Time open Jan 2006-Present
Owner(s) Jake Stevens
Based in United States
Federation type Roleplay Writing
Pay-per-views 1 every two months
Website wrestling efed e-federation

The Frontier Championship Wrestling is a new Federation. It is hailed as the rebirth to XWE. XWE as it was known then started in January 2006 with 10 wrestlers and on the back of their first champion Bob Diehard they killed the ratings selling out shows all over the country.


FCW started off as IWE (Internet Wrestling Entertainment), it then changed it's name after a short while to WFC (Wrestling Foundation of Characters), both federations performed decently well, but owner, Rain Man was looking for a better name, one that would better fit the style of wrestling he brought to the table with his fed, he called it XWE, and rounded up a pack of new high flying and hardcore wrestlers to make the promotion a hit.

Fall of XWE

When Diehard lost the title to Asylum all hell broke lose. Asylum didn't want it and through it up between two legendary opponents. Diehard and Reaper. The battle was hard fought Reaper being victorious. Reaper proved to be a great champion yet management under Rain Man crumbled and went bankrupt.

A New Begining

Weeks Later, XWE was bought out by one time wrestler Jake Stevens. He revived it into FCW. He made the re-aqusitions of such people as Reaper, Diehard, HoHo, Brian "The Ace" Richards, Toni Tortilleni, and Bhati al Boyah. FCW hosted a tournament for the Heavyweight title which was ultimately won by Hoho as he led team Reaper consisting of Reaper, Hoho, and Bob Diehard against team Al Boya consisting of Bhati Al Boya, Brian Richards, and Toni Tortellini. The freestyle championship was first won by the Pitbull, then the title was taken from him by Sid Bream.

Current Champions

Title Notes: FCW Heavyweight & Freestyle Current Champions
FCW World Heavyweight Champion Fcwheavyweightchampcopyeu1 Hohoinc
FCW Freestyle Champion Frees Sid Bream

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