Full Equip is the January PPV by the ASW .



The 2002 Full Equip PPV hailed from Victoria, British Columbia

  • Killer Jo & The Princess defeated Will the Terrible & Suzan Laboutos (3:12)
    • Jo pinned Will after the Kill Drive
  • Alex Petit defeated Mr.Paper (7:12)
    • Alex pinned Paper after the Alex Kick
  • ASW World Tag Team Championship Match : The Hollywood Brothers (Carl and Jim Davis) (c) defeated The Hiller Boyz (Alvin and Brent Hiller), The Freaks (Biff Callaway and John Redman) and The Cadorettes (Jacques and Gilles) in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Elimination Match to retain the ASW World Tag Team Championship (23:11)
    • Jacques pinned Biff (5:32) with a Double 50 Tablette
    • Carl pinned Gilles (9:42) with a Shoulderbreaker
    • Jim pinned Alvin (23:11) with the Hollywood Combo.




The 2005 Full Equip PPV hailed from Green Bay, Wisconsin . The Tagline for this event was : Blood is thicker than water.

  • Street Fight : Hell Warrior defeated B.T. in a Street Fight (6:32)
    • Warrior pinned B.T after a Mammouth Driver through broken glass.
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match : The New Trouble Council (Mr.Paper, Big Bedane and X-Maniac) defeated The Real Trouble Council (Slick Brown, Killer Jo and
  • ASW World Heavyweight Championship Match : Guilty Petit defeated Alex Petit (c) in a Hell in a Cell Match to win the ASW World Championhip (22:45)
    • Guilty pinned Alex after a GN-5 through the already broken top of the cell .



The 2007 Full Equip hailed from Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • The Hollywood Brothers defeated Alex Petit & Mark Anderson (10:43)
    • Carl pinned Alex after the Hollywood Combo.


The 2008 Full Equip took place from Las Vegas, Nevada

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