The Imperial Championship has a history that spans three federations: Empire Wrestling Federation, Ultimate Wrestling Fusion, and Lock Wrestling Federation.


The Imperial Title began as the secondary title in EWF on December 4, 2002, when Exersis defeated 9-one-1. The belt would go on to be held by people such as Fear and Dark Dragon. The final champion during the EWF era was Big Pimpin.

Big Pimpin was forced to vacate the title when Empire Wrestling Federation merged with Xtreme Chaos Wrestling to form Ultimate Wrestling Fusion on November 25. GOD defeated Nightmare to win the vacant title on December 15. During the UWF era the belt would be held by people such as Fear, Dominatrix, and Dirtay Hollywood. The final champion during the UWF era was Chef.

UWF was purchased by LWF and at the Meltdown Pay-Per-View, LWF Commissioner Arelas declared the title vacant. On September 22, Lock revived the title and awarded it to Emperor, who would go on to hold it on four separate occasions. During the LWF era, the belt would also be held by people such as Phoenix, Iceman, and Metalhead Matt Marauder. The final champion during the LWF era was J.W. McCammon, who unified the title with the LWF Cross Hemisphere Championship

Current Status

On January 13, 2005, the title was unified with the LWF Cross-Hemisphere Title, which is still an active belt. Only time will tell if the belt ever stands on its own again.

Title history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Exersis 1 February 4 2002 Demonzone Defeated 9-one-1
Cannibal 1 February 17 2002 Mind Games
Downfall 1 April 21 2002 Up In Flames
Fear 1 May 19 2002 True Colors This was a Ladder Match
Vacant July 21 2002 Fear quit EWF
Dark Dragon 1 July 29 2002 Demonzone Defeated Nightmare and Ryoga Hibiki to win the vacant title
Big Pimpin 1 September 23 2002 Demonzone
Vacant November 25 2002 Declared vacant when EWF joins with XCW to become UWF
GOD 1 December 15 2002 Cold Fusion Defeated Nightmare to win the vacant title
Fear 2 December 20 2002 Avarice
Cobain 1 January 30 2003 Avarice
Dominatrix 1 February 23 2003 Eternal Vendettas Defeated Cobain and Chef in a Jack Frost Buried Alive Match
Dirtay Hollywood 1 March 30 2003 Global Disaster This was a Four Corners Match
Chef 1 April 27 2003 Dire Straits Defeated Hollywood and Vic Malato in a Triple Threat Match
Red Fusion 1 May 23 2003 Avarice
Vacant May 23 2003 Title declared vacant by Commissioner Bane
Wicked Nick 1 June 20 2003 Avarice Wins a battle royal to fill the vacant title
Chef 2 July 5 2003 Death Row This was a Ladder Match; Other participants were Big Pimpin, Jax, Pink Fairy, and Red Fusion
Vacant August 24 2003 Title declared vacant by Commissioner Arelas
Emperor 1 September 22 2003 Warzone Lock awards Emperor the vacant former UWF Imperial Championship
Arelas 1 October 19 2003 Day of Reckoning This was a handicap match
Emperor 2 October 20 2003 Warzone
Xecutioner 1 October 27 2003 Warzone
Emperor 3 October 30 2003 Lockdown This was a triple threat also involving BDT
Phoenix 1 February 15 2004 Maximum Carnage
Emperor 4 March 14 2004 Lockmania III This was a Last Man Standing Match
Ruff Rabbi 1 March 29 2004 Warzone
Iceman 1 May 16 2004 Resurrection
Red Fusion 2 August 19 2004 Lockdown
Pink Fairy 1 September 12 2004 Vengeance This was a six man tag team match pitting the DWO against the New Blood
Wicked Nick 2 October 10 2004 Day of Reckoning
Metalhead Matt Marauder 1 November 18 2004 Warzone
Vacant December 6 2004 Triple M vacated the title in return for a LWF World Title match
McCammon 1 December 12 2004 Betrayal Won an over-the-top-rope battle royal; Unified with CH Title 1/13/05

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